Pisces born on March 20

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 20 you are a demonstrative and loving person with a huge desire to express yourself creatively.

You have a soft and gentle touch and everything you do is imbued with beauty and grace.

Whether as a massage therapist, a garden designer or a carpenter, you relish being hands-on in your work and connecting with people.

You enjoy life and believe it has to be lived in each moment – you really know how to relax.

Totally subjective and with a tendency to be over-emotional, you respond intuitively to any situation.

Being logical just isn’t your thing.

At times you are so changeable that you can drive others to distraction.

Being in love is bliss; you blossom as your best qualities emerge.

You are quite happy pottering around on your own, and it’s important that you let others know this.



Pisces born on March 19

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 19 you are a sympathetic and helpful person who has a strong moral integrity and genuine concern for others.

Serious-minded and self-reflective, you have a quiet demeanour that belies an inner core of strength.

You are a skilled business person capable of managing large groups as you have acute sensitivity for how people feel.

This ability keeps you in tune with the public mood and you would do well in the fashion or movie industry.

However, if you do not receive constant appreciation of your efforts, you can become defensive and critical, in order to hide your lack of confidence.

In relationships you are romantic and loving and once you commit your word is your bond.

You need to lighten up and the ballet is the kind of fantasy world you find delightful.



Pisces born on March 18

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 18 you are a benevolent and kind person with a far-ranging imagination.

You have a strong sense of moral integrity and are very spiritual, always believing the best in people.

With your tender heart you can be gullible and taken in by any sob story, so people can easily deceive you.

Career-wise you are creative and extremely versatile so have many options open to you.

Choosing just one profession can be difficult, but you need to feel it has meaning and contributes to improving people’s lives.

In your love affairs you need an intellectual equal and someone who stimulates your fertile imagination.

You also need lot of time alone to do your own thing.

You favour adventure rather than the conventional holidays – travelling across the desert on a camel has more appeal for you than a beach resort.



Pisces born on March 17

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 17 you are a compassionate and responsive person with a radar for those in trouble that you can help.

As a natural healer, your mind focusses on deep subjects, and you are attracted to study psychology, medicine and techniques such as hypnosis.

Your motivation is to understand the great mysteries of life and death.

Perceptive and dedicated, you can be very successful once you find your niche.

When tired you can be cantankerous and scathing, especially of people who underestimate your intelligence – you don’t suffer fools gladly.

Relationships are the centre of your life and you are fiercely loyal to those you love.

You can overflow with feelings and need a partner who can support your emotional nature and ground you.

A daily swim or rigorous yoga session is a way to balance you and restore your equilibrium.



Pisces born on March 16

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 16 you are an artistic and easy-going person who is inspired by a love of truth.

Your soul is that of a poet or mystic and you have a deeply sympathetic and agreeable nature.

People adore being around you as you create an enchanted fairyland world usually only seen in movies.

You could be the director or writer of an epic love story and your life is a grand romance.

You love giving cocktail parties with a witty and fascinating group, especially arty or literary types.

Being in love is so important, you can become dependent on your partner and avoid any form of confrontation as you fear being rejected.

Your emotions can overwhelm you which makes you vulnerable to colds and flu.

Building up your immune system with vitamins and using flower remedies is very helpful to stop you getting run down.



Pisces born on March 15

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 15 you are a sentimental and affectionate person with a healing touch.

Reiki, massage and shiatsu are all modalities you might explore as a career.

You have the rare knack of combining perceptive insights with practical and efficient solutions.

There is a strong desire in you to serve others and you’re the ideal person to do voluntary work overseas.

At times you can become fretful and uptight about getting everything perfect.

This can affect your digestive system so the occasional detox would do you the world of good.

Letting go of minor details and working as part of a team would be highly beneficial.

In relationships, your partner can get confused as you can drift off one minute and be efficient and attentive the next.

Your sense of humour and ability to laugh at yourself saves the day.



Pisces born on March 14

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 14 you are a person with natural charisma.

A great actor, you can exude confidence and charm, enlivening all you meet.

No one can question the enormous creative and leadership gifts you possess. However, underneath there is a shy and brooding persona, and you can be racked with self-doubt.

These moods can suddenly descend, much to the chagrin of colleagues and loved ones.

You have a soft and generous heart and working in the public sector in a leadership position is suited.

The stage also whispers seductively, as being in the spotlight is your natural habitat.

Relationships are your life and you relish all types of emotion, so heartbreak, dramatic break-ups and passion make you feel alive.

Hot saunas match your temperament, as do beach holidays in tropical parts of the world.



Pisces born on March 13

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 13 you are a caring and kind person who is a born romantic.

You have a quiet enigmatic quality that is very alluring.

Totally aware of your feelings, you can ride an emotional roller coaster at times and soon learn to protect yourself from harsh environments.

You have an excellent memory and a gift for listening; talents which make you an imaginative writer, poet or lyricist.

You are trustworthy and able to keep secrets; the ideal best friend.

With a decidedly theatrical leaning, you would also make a brilliant set designer.

In relationships, you need to be careful not to become the doormat as you are incredibly giving to others and tend to neglect your own needs.

You tend to pick up any infection going, so you need to support your immune system and detox on a regular basis.



Pisces born on March 12

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 12 you are an unworldly, impressionable person who is extremely altruistic.

You are so sensitive that it’s as if you have no skin, so you have to develop a protective layer around you.

You have an elusive and mystical quality about you and can be hard to pin down.

As you get older its easier for you to get in touch with, and draw on, the extraordinary psychic and artistic gifts that you have.

Helping others comes easily to you, and you’re the one who volunteers to run the homeless shelter or local stray cat’s home.

In relationships, you can get caught in fantasy and suffer from unrequited love; you have difficulty maintaining permanence in your romantic life.

A down-to-earth type is what you need.

The opera was invented just for you – it’s a memorable night out that will have a long-lasting effect.



Pisces born on March 11

Planet: Neptune

As Pisces native born on March 11 you are a brilliantly inventive person who is usually way ahead of their time.

You are not afraid to experiment and come up with whacky and original ideas.

As a storyteller you are second to none, and can take people on a magical mystery adventure.

The wondrous world of science fiction is your speciality.

You are both a scientist and an artist; someone who can use both their left and right brain, which is a rare combination.

You are incredibly social and have a wide-ranging circle of friends, some of whom are eccentrics and oddballs.

In your romantic relationships, you are loyal and devoted and require a strong intellectual connection.

However, you need to spend time alone, so can appear emotionally distant and cool.

For total relaxation and entertainment, you appreciate a witty, satirical comedy show.