Virgo Woman Taurus Man

Some Taurus men are strong and silent. They do all they can to protect and provide for the women they love. In general, the Taurus man will never let you down. He’s steady, sturdy, and reliable. He’s pretty honest and practical, too. He says what he means and means what he says. He never indulges in deceit and will always put his cards on the table.
The Taurus man is very affectionate. Being loved, appreciated, and understood is very important for his well-being. Like you, he is also looking for peace and security in his life. If you both work toward these goals together, you’ll find that they are easily attained.
If you should marry a Taurus man, you can be sure that the wolf will never darken your door. He is a notoriously good provider and will do everything he can to make his family comfortable and happy.
He’ll appreciate the way you have of making a home warm and inviting. A comfortable couch and the evening papers are essential ingredients in making your Taurus husband happy at the end of the workday. Although he may be a big lug of a guy, you’ll find that he’s fond of gentleness and soft things. If you puff up his pillow and tuck him in at night, he won’t complain.
You probably will like his friends. Taurus tends to seek out individuals who are successful or prominent. You also admire people who work hard and achieve their goals.
The Taurus man doesn’t care too much for change. He’s a stay-at-home of the first order. Chances are that the house you move into after you’re married will be the house you’ll live in for the rest of your life.
You’ll find that the man born under the sign of the Bull is easy to get along with. It’s unlikely that you’ll have many quarrels or arguments.
Although he’ll be gentle and tender with you, your Taurus man is far from being a sensitive type. He’s a man’s man. More than likely, he loves such sports as fishing and football. He can be earthy as well as down to earth.
The Taurus father loves the children, but he will do everything he can not to spoil them. He believes that children should stay in their place and, in adult company, should be seen but not heard. The Taurus father is an excellent disciplinarian. Your youngsters will be polite and respectful.