Virgo Woman Cancer Man

The man born under the sign of Cancer may very well be the man after your own heart. Generally, Cancers are steady people. They are interested in security and practicality. Despite their seemingly grouchy exterior at times, men born under the sign of the Crab are sensitive and kind individuals.
Cancers are almost always hard workers and are very interested in making successes of themselves economically as well as socially. You’ll find that their conservative outlook on many things often agrees with yours. They will be men on whom you can depend come rain or come shine. They will never shirk their responsibilities as providers. They will always see that their family never wants.
Your patience will come in handy if you decide it’s a Cancer you want for a mate. He isn’t the type that rushes headlong into romance. He wants to be sure about love as you do. If, after the first couple of months of dating, he suggests that you take a walk with him down lovers’ lane, don’t jump to the conclusion that he’s about to make his great play. Chances are he’ll only hold your hand and seriously observe the stars.
Don’t let his coolness fool you, though. Beneath his starched reserve lies a very warm heart. He’s just not interested in showing off as far as affection is concerned. Don’t think his interest is wandering if he doesn’t kiss you goodnight at the front door; that just isn’t his style. For him, affection should only be displayed for two sets of eyes—yours and his. He’s passionate only in private, which is something Virgo can understand and appreciate.
He will never step out of line. He’s too much of a gentleman for that. When you’re alone with him and there’s no chance of being disturbed or spied upon, he’ll pull out an engagement ring (the one that belonged to his grandmother) and slip it on your trembling finger.
Speaking of relatives, you’ll have to get used to the fact that Cancer is overly fond of his mother. When he says his mother’s the most wonderful woman in the world, you’d better agree with him, that is, if you want to become his wife.
He’ll always be a faithful husband. A Cancer never pussyfoots around after he has taken that marriage vow. He doesn’t take marriage responsibilities lightly. He’ll see that everything in the house runs smoothly and that bills are paid promptly. He’ll take out all kinds of insurance policies on his family and property. He’ll arrange it so that when retirement time rolls around, you’ll both be very well off.
Cancers make proud, patient, and protective fathers. But they can be a little too protective. Their sheltering instincts can interfere with a youngster’s natural inclination toward independence. Still, the Cancer father doesn’t want to see his kids learning about life the hard way from the streets.