Virgo Social Relationships

The Virgo man or woman is particular about the friends he makes. He is fond of people who have a particular direction in life. He is inclined to avoid drifters or irresolute people. Those who have made their mark win his admiration. Virgo likes intelligent people, those who are somewhat cultured in their interests.
As a good friend, Virgo is invaluable; there is nothing he or she would not do to help someone in need, Virgo stands by friends even in their most difficult moments. The only demand he makes is that his interest in another’s affairs be valued. He does not like to feel that his help is not appreciated. It is important that Virgo be thanked for even the slightest favor.
Quite often people born under this sign are rather timid or at least retiring; they have to be drawn out by others. After Virgos get to know someone well, however, they bloom. In spite of their initial shyness, they do not enjoy being alone. They like company; they like to be reassured by people. They prefer intelligent, informed people as companions. Virgo can overlook negative qualities in someone if they feel that person is basically sincere toward others. The Virgo person needs friends. In solitude, the average Virgo is apt to feel stranded or deserted. They enjoy having someone around who will make a fuss over them, no matter how small.
Virgo is a perfectionist. Sometimes they criticize others too strongly for their faults, and as a result, they may not have as many friends as they would like.
Virgo can be cliquey, enjoying a fairly closed circle of friends and acquaintances. Gossip and intrigue might be a mainstay of such a clique. The smaller the circle, the more comfortable Virgo will feel and the more chances there will be for Virgo to orchestrate the social and recreational activities. In an intimate group setting Virgo’s shyness disappears, giving way to the delicious wit and clever turn of phrase basic to this verbal, mental sign.
Gala parties with lots of hangers-on and freeloaders are not Virgo’s style. A typical noisy blast can be a turn-off to one who is finicky and fastidious. The mere sight of overindulgence and overfa-miliarity can make Virgo long for the glamour of posh surroundings accompanied only by a lover or close friend.
Frequent home entertaining also can be a problem. The fussy Virgo will fret about all the details that must be arranged to host a successful social. Then the neat, tidy Virgo will worry about the mess created in the house after a perfect get-together. On the whole, Virgo men and women prefer socializing in a few select places known for gracious service and fine food.
Of all the signs in the Zodiac, Virgo is most drawn to human welfare issues, a fact that leads these men and women into groups whose goal is to improve people’s lot in life. The Virgo dedication to a cause is remarkable. Their example is an inspiration for everyone to follow. Doing someone a good turn comes naturally to Virgo. Their qualities of service and kindness are genuine, as friends who admire and respect them will testify.