Virgo Occupation

Virgos delight in keeping busy. They are not afraid of hard work. By nature, they are ambitious people and are happiest when they are putting their talents and abilities to good use. They can best be described as goal-directed; they never lose sight of their objective once committed. They are very thorough in whatever they undertake. Even routine work is something that they can do without finding fault. In fact, work that is scheduled—or that follows a definite pattern—is well suited to their steady natures. Virgos will put aside other things, if necessary, in order to attain a goal. They prefer to work under peaceful conditions, and will seldom do anything to irritate their superiors.
They learn well and are not afraid to undertake any kind of work—even the most menial—if it is necessary. Sometimes, however, they neglect their own conditions because they are so involved in their work. For this reason, Virgos occasionally fall ill or become a bit nervous. Any kind of work that allows them to make use of their talent for criticism will please them.
Virgo men and women usually shine as bookkeepers, accountants, teachers, and pharmacists. The cultivated Virgo person often turns to the world of science where they are likely to do well. Some great writers and poets have been born under this sixth sign of the Zodiac.
It is very important that Virgo has the kind of work that is suited to his personality. It may take a while before he actually finds his niche in life, and he may have to struggle at times in order to make ends meet. But because he is not afraid of work, he manages to come out on top.
Virgo is a perfectionist. He or she is always looking for ways to improve the work scheme or technique. He is never satisfied until things are working smoothly. He will even do more than his share in order to secure regularity and precision in a job he is doing. It is not unusual for the average Virgo to have various ideas about how to better the job they are doing, how to streamline things. They are extremely resourceful people as far as energy is concerned. In most cases, they can work longer than others, without letting it show. Because Virgo is so concerned with detail, they may seem obsessive or compulsive to co-workers.
The enterprising Virgo can go far in business if a partner is somewhat adventurous and enthusiastic, qualities which tend to balance those of the Virgo person. At times, Virgo can be quite a worrier. Battling problems large and small may prevent him from making the headway he feels is necessary in his work. A partner who knows how to cut the work and worries in half by taking advantage of shortcuts is someone the average Virgo businessperson could learn to value. People enjoying working with Virgo men and women, because they are so reliable and honest. They usually set a good example for others on the job.
If not careful, the ambitious Virgo can become the type of person who thinks about nothing else but the job. They are not afraid of taking on more than the average worker. But they can make the mistake of expecting the same of others. This attitude can lead to conflict and unpleasantness. Generally, Virgo does achieve what he sets out for, because he knows how to apply himself. He is seldom the envy of others because he is not the type of person who is easily noticed or recognized.
Virgo is a quiet person. He or she enjoys working in peaceful and harmonious surroundings. Conflict at work is bound to upset him and affect his nerves. He works well under people. He is not against taking orders from those who prove themselves his superiors. On the whole, the man or woman born under this sign does not like to be delegated with the full responsibility of a task or project. He or she would rather have a supporting or a subordinate role.
Virgo men and women frequently excel in a trade. They often make good metalsmiths and carpenters, jewelers and wood carvers. They can work in miniature, creating a variety of pleasing items.
The Virgo person is one who is very concerned about security. Now and again he may have cause to worry about his financial position. On the whole, he is conscious of the value of money. He or she is a person who will never risk security by going out on a limb. He knows how to put money away for a rainy day. Many times he will scout about for new ways of increasing his savings. Bettering his financial situation is something that constantly concerns him. When he does invest, it usually turns out to his advantage. He generally makes sure that the investment he makes is a sure thing. He does not believe in gambling or taking big risks.
Sometimes the Virgo, because of his keen interest in money and profit, is the victim of a fraud. Dishonest people may try to take advantage of his interest in monetary gain. The well-off Virgo is extremely generous and enjoys looking after the needs of others. He sees to it that those he cares for live in comfort.
Not all Virgos are fortunate enough to become extremely wealthy, but all of them work hard for what they achieve.