Virgo Man Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman may be even too difficult for the Virgo man to understand at first. Her waters run deep. Even when you think you know her, don’t take any bets on it. She’s capable of keeping things hidden in the deep recesses of her womanly soul—things she’ll only release when she’s sure that you’re the man she wants. But it may take her some time to come around to this decision. Virgos are finicky about almost everything. Many of them have the idea that the only people who can do things correctly are Virgos.
Nothing offends a Virgo woman more than slovenly dress, sloppy character, or a careless display of affection. Make sure your tie is not crooked and your shoes sport a bright shine before you go calling on this lady. Keep your off-color jokes for the locker room; she’ll have none of that.
Take her arm when crossing the street, but don’t rush the romance. Trying to corner her in the back of a cab may be one way of striking out. Never criticize the way she looks. In fact, the best policy is to agree with her as much as possible.
Still, there’s just so much a man can take. All those dos and don’ts you have to observe if you want to get to first base with a Virgo may be just a little too much to ask of you. After a few dates, you may decide that she just isn’t worth all that trouble. However, the Virgo woman is usually mysterious enough to keep her men running back for more. Chances are you’ll be intrigued by her airs and graces.
If lovemaking means a great deal to you, you’ll be disappointed at first in the cool ways of your Virgo woman. However, under her glacial facade there lies a hot cauldron of seething excitement. If you’re patient and artful in your romantic approach, you’ll find that all the caution was well worth the trouble. When Virgos love, it’s all or nothing as far as they’re concerned.
One thing a Virgo woman can’t stand in love is hypocrisy. She doesn’t care what the neighbors say. If her heart tells her to go ahead, she does. She is very concerned with human truths. If her heart stumbles upon another fancy, she will be true to that new heartthrob and leave you standing in the rain.
She’s honest to her heart and will be as true to you as you are with her. Do her wrong once, however, and it’s farewell.
The Virgo mother has high expectations for her children, and she will strive to bring out the very best in them. She is more tender than strict, though, and will nag rather than discipline. But youngsters sense her unconditional love for them, and usually turn out just as she hoped they would.