Virgo Man Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman could perhaps understand you better than most women. She is very considerate and loving. She is thorough and methodical in whatever she does. She is anxious to avoid mistakes.
Home is very important to the Taurus woman. She is an excellent homemaker. Although your home may not be a palace, it will become, under her care, a comfortable and happy abode. She’ll love it when friends drop by for the evening. She is a good cook and enjoys feeding people well.
The Taurus woman is serious about love and affection. When she has taken a tumble for someone, she’ll stay by him forever, if possible. She will try to be practical in romance, to some extent. When she decides she wants a certain man, she keeps after him until he’s won her. Generally, the Taurus woman is a passionate lover, even though she may appear staid at first glance. She is on the lookout for someone who can return her affection fully. Taurus women are sometimes given to fits of jealousy and possessiveness. They expect fair play in the area of marriage. When it doesn’t come about, they can be bitingly sarcastic and mean.
The Taurus woman is usually an easygoing person intent on keeping the peace. She won’t argue unless she must. She’ll do her best to keep your love relationship on an even keel.
Marriage is generally a one-time thing for Taurus. Once they’ve taken the serious step, they seldom try to back out of it. Taurus women need love and warmth. With the right man, they become ideal wives.
The Taurus woman will respect you for your steady ways. She’ll have confidence in your common sense. She’ll share with you all the joys and burdens of parenthood.
Taurus women seldom put up with nonsense from their children. It is not that they are strict, but rather that they are concerned. They like their children to be well behaved and dutiful. Nothing pleases a Taurus mother more than a compliment from a neighbor or teacher about her child’s behavior.
Although some children may inwardly resent the iron hand of a Taurus mother, in later life they are often thankful that they were brought up in such an orderly and conscientious way.