Virgo Man Sagitarius Woman

You’ll most likely never meet a more good-natured woman than the one under the sign of Sagittarius. Generally, she is full of bounce and good cheer. Her sunny disposition seems almost permanent and can be relied upon even on the rainiest of days.
The woman born under the sign of Sagitarius is rarely malicious. But she is often a little short on tact and says literally anything that comes into her head, regardless of the occasion. Sometimes the words that tumble out of her mouth are downright cutting and cruel. But no matter what she says, she means well. Unfortunately, the Sagittarius woman is capable of losing some of her friends — and perhaps even some of yours—through such carelessness.
On the other hand, you will appreciate her honesty and good intentions. To you, these qualities play an important part in life. With a little patience and practice, you can probably help cure your Sagittarius of her loose tongue. In most cases, she’ll give in to your better judgment and try to follow your advice.
Chances are, she’ll be the outdoors type and sportswoman. Long hikes, fishing trips, and white-water canoeing will probably appeal to her. She’s a busy person, one who sets great store in mobility. She won’t sit still for one minute if it’s not necessary.
She is very friendly and likes lots of company. When your buddies drop by for poker and beer, she won’t have any trouble fitting in.
On the whole, she is a very kind and sympathetic woman. If she feels she’s made a mistake, she’ll be the first to call your attention to it. She’s not afraid to own up to her own faults and shortcomings.
You might lose your patience with her once or twice. After she’s seen how upset her shortsightedness and careless comments have made you, she’ll do her best to please you.
The Sagittarius woman is not the kind who will pry into your business affairs. But she’ll always be there, ready to offer advice if you need it.
The Sagittarius woman is seldom suspicious. Your word will almost always be good enough for her.
The Sagittarius mother is a wonderful and loving friend to her children. She is not afraid if a youngster learns some street smarts along the way. To bolster such knowledge, or to counteract it, she may preach a bit too much for the kids. Then you can switch the focus to the practical. But you will appreciate how she encourages the children to study in order for them to get a well-rounded and broad education.