Virgo Man Gemini Woman

You may find a romance with a woman born under the sign of the Twins a many-splendored thing. She will provide the intellectual companionship you often look for in a friend or mate. A Gemini partner can appreciate your aims and desires because she travels pretty much the same road as you do intellectually, that is, at least part of the way. She may share your interests but she will lack your tenacity.
She suffers from itchy feet. She can be here, there, all over the place. Her eagerness to be on the move may make you dizzy. Still, you’ll enjoy and appreciate her liveliness and mental agility.
The Gemini woman often has a sparkling personality. You’ll be attracted to her warmth and grace. While she’s on your arm you’ll probably notice that many male eyes are drawn to her. She may even return a gaze or two, but don’t let that worry you. All women born under this sign have nothing against a harmless flirtation once in a while. But if she feels she is already spoken for, she will never let it get out of hand.
Although she may not be as handy as you’d like in the kitchen, you’ll never go without a tasty meal. The Gemini woman is always in a rush. She won’t feel she’s cheating by breaking out the instant mashed potatoes or the frozen peas. She may not be a good cook but she is clever. With a dash of this and a suggestion of that, she can make an uninteresting TV dinner taste like a gourmet meal. Then, again, maybe you’ve struck it rich and have a Gemini lover who finds complicated recipes a challenge to her intellect. If so, you’ll find every meal a tantalizing and mouth-watering surprise.
When you’re beating your brains out over the Sunday crossword puzzle and find yourself stuck, just ask your Gemini woman. She’ll give you all the right answers without batting an eyelash.
Just like you, she loves all kinds of people. You may even find that you’re a bit more discriminating than she. Often all that a Gemini requires is that her friends be interesting and stay interesting. But one thing she’s not able to abide is a dullard.
Leave the party organizing to your Gemini sweetheart or mate, and you’ll never have a chance to know what a dull moment is. She’ll bring out the swinger in you if you give her half the chance.
A Gemini mother enjoys her children, which can be the truest form of love. Like them, she’s often restless, adventurous, and easily bored. She will never complain about their fleeting interests because she understands the changes they will go through as they mature.