Virgo: Love and Marriage

In love and romance, the person born under the sign of Virgo is not inclined to be overly romantic. To a partner, they may seem re-served and inhibited. Their practical nature prevails even in affairs of the heart. They are least likely to be swept off their feet when in love. Chances are they may flirt a bit in the beginning of a rela-tionship, but soon thereafter they settle down to the serious side of love. Virgo standards are very high, and it may be some time before they find someone who can measure up to them. As a consequence, Virgo frequently marries rather late in life.
It is important for the Virgo man or woman to find the right person because they are easily influenced by someone they love. On the other hand, Virgo has a protective side to their nature. When in love they will try to shield the object of their affection from the unpleasant things in life.
The person born under the sign of Virgo may be disappointed in love more than once. People whom they set great store in may pro ve to be unsuitable. Sometimes it is Virgo’s own fault. They may be too critical of small weaknesses that a partner or lover has.
Some Virgos seem prim and proper when it comes to romance. They would prefer to think that it is not absolutely necessary and that intellect is everything. It may take some doing to get such a Virgo to change this attitude. At any rate, they are not fond of being demonstrative as far as affection goes. They do not like to make a show of love in front of others.
If their lover is too demanding or forceful in the relationship, they may feel inclined to break off the affair. Virgo appreciates gentleness and consideration in love life. On the whole, they are not easy to approach. The person who finds him or her interesting will have to be very tactful and patient when trying to convince Virgo of their love.
In married life, Virgo is apt to be very practical. They are inter-ested in preserving the happiness they have found and will do everything in their power to keep the relationship alive. It is quite important that the Virgo man or woman marry someone with a similar outlook. Someone quite opposite may misinterpret Virgo’s calm and cool manner as being unfeeling. Virgo makes a faithful mate. He or she can always be depended upon. They know how to keep things in the home running smoothly. They will do what they can to preserve harmony because they dislike discord and unpleasantness. A cooperative person, Virgo is willing to make concessions if they seem necessary. In short, the Virgo man or woman can make a success of marriage if they have had the good fortune to choose the right person.