Virgo Home and Family

People born under this sign are generally homebodies. They like to spend as much time as possible surrounded by the things and the people they enjoy.They make excellent hosts and enjoy entertaining guests and visitors. It is important to Virgos that the people around them be happy and content. Virgo is most at ease when companions behave correctly, that is, if they are respectful of individuals’ needs and property. Virgos do not like people to take advantage of their hospitality or to abuse what they consider a privilege. But on the whole Virgos are easygoing. The demands they may make of guests and family are reasonable.
A harmonious atmosphere at home is important to the person born under this sign. As long as this can be guaranteed, Virgo remains in good humor. They are likely to have a number of insurance policies on the home, family, and possessions. They believe that you can never be safe enough.
In spite of their love of home, Virgo is likely to have an avid interest in travel. If they cannot make many changes in their environment, they are bound to make them in their home. The Virgo homemaker never tires of rearranging things. Generally, Virgos have a good sense of beauty and harmony. They know how to make a room inviting and comfortable. Change is always of interest to the person born under this sign. They like to read of faraway places, even if they never get a chance to visit them. A new job or a new home address from time to time can brighten Virgo’s spirits immeasurably.
The Virgo woman is as neat as a pin. Usually she is an excellent cook, and takes care that her kitchen never gets out of order or becomes untidy even while she is working in it. She believes that everything has its proper place and should be kept there. Because she is so careful with her possessions, they often appear brand new.
Others may feel that the Virgo man or woman, because of his or her cool, calm ways, is not especially cut out to be a good parent. But the opposite is true. Virgo people know how to bring up their youngsters correctly. They generally pass on their positive qualities to their children without any trouble. They teach them that honesty and diligence are important. They instill them with an appreciation for common sense in all matters.
Although the Virgo father or mother may deeply love their children, they have a tendency to be rather strict. They are always concerned that their children turn out well. Sometimes they expect too much of them. Some of them can be old-fashioned and believe that a child belongs in a child’s place. They expect this not only of their own youngsters but also of other people’s children.