Virgo Health

Many persons born under Virgo sign are amazingly healthy. They frequently live to see a ripe old age. This longevity is generally due to the fact that people born under this sign take all things in moderation. Virgo is not the type of person who burns the candle at both ends. They acknowledge their limits and avoid excess.
Frequently Virgos are small and neat-featured. Virgo women are sometimes quite attractive in a sort of dry way. Both men and women of this sign have a youthful appearance throughout life. When young, Virgos are generally very active. However, as they reach middle age and beyond they have a tendency to put on a bit of weight.
The Virgo person usually enjoys good health, although some have a tendency to be overly concerned about it. They imagine ailments they do not really have. Still, they do manage to stay fit. Other Virgos see themselves as being rather strong and resourceful, even when they are ill. For that reason they seldom feel moved to feel sorry for another ailing Virgo. Actually, serious illnesses frighten Virgos. They will do all they can to remain in good health.
The medicine cabinet of someone born under this sign is often filled with all sorts of pills, tablets, and ointments. Most of them will never be used.
As a rule, Virgo watches his diet. He stays away from foods that won’t agree with him. He keeps a balanced diet and is moderate in his drinking habits. Virgos need plenty of exercise to keep the body fit. Most Virgos do not have a particular liking for strenuous sport. But the wise Virgo always will get some kind of energetic exercise, preferably a brisk and long walk, or a daily workout. Another thing that Virgos need is rest. They should get at least eight hours sleep per day.
On the whole, Virgo is a sensitive person. His nerves may be easily affected if he finds himself in a disagreeable situation. The stomach is another area of concern. When a Virgo becomes sick, this area is usually affected. Digestion complaints are not rare among persons born under this sign. Regular meals are important for the Virgo. Quick snacks and fast food may play havoc with his digestive system. In spite of this particular weakness, Virgos manage to lead normal, healthy lives. They should try to avoid becoming too concerned with ups and downs. Many of their illnesses may turn out to be imaginary.