Virgo Character Analysis

People born under the sign of Virgo are generally practical. They believe in doing things thoroughly; there is nothing slipshod or haphazard about the way they do things. They are precise and methodical. The man or woman bom under this sixth sign of the Zodiac respects common sense and tries to be rational in his or her approach to tasks or problems.
Virgo is the sign of work and service. It is the symbol of the farmer at harvest time, and so the man or woman born under this sign is sometimes called the Harvester. These people’s tireless efforts to bring the fruits of the Earth to the table of humanity create great joy and beneficence. Celebration through work and harvest is the characteristic of the sign of Virgo.
Sincerity, zeal, and devotion mark the working methods of the Virgo man and woman. They have excellent critical abilities; they know how to analyze a problem and come up with a solution. Virgo is seldom fooled by superficialities, and can go straight to the heart of the matter.
Virgo knows how to break things down to the minutest detail; he or she prefers to work on things piece by piece. Inwardly, he is afraid of being overwhelmed by things that seem larger than life. For this reason, one often finds the Virgo occupied with details. His powers of concentration are greatest when he can concentrate on small, manageable things.
The Virgo person believes in doing things correctly; he’s thorough and precise. He’s seldom carried away by fantasy; he believes in keeping his feet firmly on the ground. People who seem a bit flighty or impractical sometimes irritate him.
Virgo knows how to criticize other people. It is very easy for him to point out another’s weaknesses or faults; he is seldom wrong. However, Virgo is sometimes a bit sharp in making criticisms and often offends a good friend or acquaintance. The cultivated Virgo, however, knows how to apply criticism tactfully. He or she is considerate of another’s feelings.
The Virgo person believes in applying himself in a positive manner to whatever task is set before him. He is a person full of purpose and goodwill. He is diligent and methodical. He is seldom given to impulse, but works along steadily and constructively.
Anything that is scientific, technological, and practical arouses Virgo’s interest. The technical and craft aspects of the arts impress these people, and many Virgos become expert designers, graphic artists, and handicrafters. The precision so important to these disciplines is a quality Virgo possesses in abundance. Combined with imagination and flair, the attention to detail often makes Virgos first-rate artists.
Whether or not individual Virgos are talented in artistic areas, most of these people are usually very interested in anything of an artistic nature. Virgos also are great readers. They have a deep appreciation for the way the intricacies of life weave together, then unravel, and finally are rewoven into a new fabric or design.
Virgos also possess an innate verbal ability that is especially suited to the study of a language, whether the language is a machine language such as in computers or a tongue spoken by other people. Virgo has no trouble applying his or her native intelligence and skill either in a learning or teaching capacity. Virgos enjoy school. They often study a wide range of subjects, but not in great depth, in order to have a well-rounded education. Virgos like friends and colleagues to be as well-informed as they are if not more so. Virgo has a deep respect for culture, education, and intellect.
Usually, Virgo takes in stride whatever comes into his or her life. Basically, he is an uncomplicated person, who views things clearly and sharply. He has a way of getting right down to the meat of the matter. Generally a serious-minded person, he believes in being reliable. He is not one who will take great risks in life as he has no interest in playing the hero or the idealist. Virgo believes in doing what he can, but without flourishes.
Quite often he is a quiet, modest person. He believes that appearance is important and thus does his best to look well-groomed. He feels that being neat is important and dislikes untidiness in anything.
The Virgo man or woman likes to deal with life on a practical level and they usually look for the uncomplicated answer or solution to any problem or dilemma. Even if Virgos are urged to look into the mystical side of existence, they may dismiss it as being either unfounded or irrelevant.
On the whole, the Virgo person is even-tempered. He or she does not allow himself to become angry easily. He knows how to take the bitter with the sweet. But if someone does him a wrong turn, he is not likely to forget it. His good nature is not to be abused.