Venus symbolically considered

Aphrodite, or Venus, daughter of Jove, heavenly and earthly, Morning Star and Queen of Sunset, is Life, Art, Rapture; she is goddess beyond the human, she is Woman in fullness of human perfection. Man reveals himself in Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. Neptune expresses the masculine soul raised to a spiritual completeness that includes the highest feminine vibration. In Mercury sex is nascent. Uranus symbolizes the feminine soul so perfected that it includes the higher masculine vibration. Woman is expressed to us by Venus and by the Moon. The Moon symbolizes the child-woman and the woman-form beyond its period of fruitfulness. Venus reveals the woman of complete physical function Woman from fourteen to forty-five. Expressed by Venus she is Woman-fruitful, the fulfillment of Desire, the Vessel of life, the Mother, the Giver of physical form to spirit. Venus represents the passive the receptive. She receives and she gives back in kind what she receives. She reflects and glorifies and represents that which possesses her. Under the rays of the Sun she warms to grace and beauty and bears him exquisite brood of life fruitful earth beneath the widespread glow of his beams. The rough caress of Mars may rouse her to passion, violence and fierce physical return; and to all his constructive powers she may give form in shapes of art the sculptured marble, the wrought metal the stately temple. The noble influence of Jupiter makes the gracious matron of her, the glory of a household and of her husband. Should she abandon herself to Saturn, all her beauty may turn to evil, or her love be sordid drudgery of service, bleak task of faithfulness and gray patience. Uranus makes of her a witch a siren a vampire even, or, answering his higher demands, she is white flame of genius inspiration her breath, art her crown of stars. To Neptune she will masquerade, a flicker of illusion and fantasy, or she will run swift-foot and wide-eyed into the very fastnesses of his far kingdom and make his visions real ! Mercury finds her wits as keen as his. With him to challenge, she turns flirt even she may be mercenary and too cunning, or turn her gaieties into coin, or sell out her pretty ways and take to books and intellectualities. Under the silver of the Moon, she comes Into an austerity all her own. Here she is chaste wife calm mother housemaker; ordered are her footsteps and her glance is level. All these phases of the Venus expression are beautiful to each the heart of the artist responds, each is a string in that harp of life across which the Hand of the All-Father sweeps the music of his Eternal Pleasure. And Venus calls to each of us. It is for us to set words to her call. Shall she be devil or the voice of our own perfection? She echoes us ! Kundry is saved in Parsifal’s redemption. Tannhauser’s loss is included in the damnation of his Venus. Woman! Either in the form of that fearful image, Lilith, the demon queen, “drawing down with her hands little figures of men into Hell” or Woman the goddess, who blazes in the heavens, clothed with the Sun, the Moon her footstool, and crowned with the Zodiac the planets clustered in her hands. So Venus, ever herself, is always what she reflects gaiety mirth and happy companionings are of her making. The arts are her handmaidens ; music is for her dancing feet ; scents delight her, and touch is hers the fine touch of light upon her eyes, of sound at her lips, the light touch of caressing fingers and the hungry embrace of all-seeking love. Beauty, allurement, passion, graciousness all are hers, and if she be dragged down to the vices of all these ours be the shame! Virtue, domesticity, chastity are hers and form and ceremony too. By whatever name the nations call her, down the ages Isis, Astarte, Aphrodite, Halbor, Freya, Kali her legends, her attributes, her images are all the same Kwan-nan in China, Nephthys in Egypt. So it is later religion borrows her, and divine Motherhood, clasping her celestial Babe, smiles from Christian altars. Thus let us gaze upon the face of her, be she called Venus or Madonna, with reverence and worship, invoking the power of love by the ritual of Purity.