Venus in Scorpio

It is very unfortunate for Venus to find herself in a sign which is both martial and watery. It completely destroys any altruistic tendencies, and it may turn her amiability not only into sensuality but into something grosser still. Her influence is often extremely violent ; passion is intense and physical ; unless gratified it is likely to turn into hatred ; and, even when it is reciprocated, its career is likely to be stormy, in particular afflictions it may end in treacheries and tragedies. People with this position run the greatest danger of getting themselves into social trouble. It is particularly important to guard against misalliance either with or without the assent of the law.
The extreme violence of the feelings may also react ultimately upon the health; since, great as the capacity is, the desires are still stronger and may easily lead to dangerous excess. A disappointment also frequently arises from too great straightforwardness. Such people are likely to frighten the birds which they wish to ensnare. They are sometimes unscrupulous in the pursuit of their plans. No consideration seems to weigh with them. This naturally results in what may pass with the world for success, and unquestionably the physical magnetism is as great of its kind as in any other sign. In fact Libra alone rivals it. But the magnetism of Libra is subtle and perverse, whereas that of Scorpio is coarse and gross.
In dealing with the nativities of people who have lacked the refining influences of education, this position stands for quite animal dissipation and is nearly always associated with drunkenness. People of a higher type naturally escape such extremes. But frequently the cynical temperament develops as a result of satiety. This is marked in the cases of Sainte Beuve, Benjamin Disraeli, and Marie Antoinette. In the last case one may regard this position of Venus in her horoscope as one of the principal causes of the French Revolution. One has only to examine the innumerable pamphlets which were written against her to see how this came about. Venus in Scorpio does not appear compatible with any striking tendencies towards artistic development, and she is also here very weak in tact and amiability. It must be remembered that in this sign she is in her detriment. Of course, the usual modifications caused by aspects are always to be considered, but the position is so sensual that it takes a great deal to overcome its natural tendencies. People with this position are extremely self-possessive in the matter of affection. Jealousy with them is a passion far more consuming than the love which has given birth to it.
A trifling disappointment will turn love into hate, relentless and unscrupulous. The character of the passion is as physical as when Venus is in Taurus, but in the earthy sign, she connects with all the natural, genial, domestic, human qualities. Venus in Scorpio may be called almost demoniac; weary, but unsatisfied, is her motto. She never rests. Scorpio in many of its aspects is symbolized by the sea in storm, and the qualities of that element accurately symbolize this temperament. The magnetism is extraordinarily strong, but may be called primitive. There is a kind of fascination which the innocent frequently fail to recognize, and which consequently makes them fall an easy prey. This type is curiously open to flattery. A compliment is always taken as surrender, as a tribute to the superiority of the native. Venus in Scorpio is extremely passionate and irresistible. It will not be content with anything but exact fulfillment of its desires.
It is consequently necessary for the loved one to comply absolutely, or at least to seem to comply with sufficient skill to pretend; and this is, evidently, -by no means a dignified or worthy position for anyone to maintain. It is noticeable that few people with this position have attained great fame, and the reason is clear. However brilliant may be the other qualities in the nativity, this one influence leads us so frequently to plain dissipation that it is not possible to pursue the career with that single-mindedness and greatness of heart which are necessary to consummate success.
It must be borne in mind that, when Venus is in Scorpio, the Sun and Mercury may, at the same time, be in either Libra or Sagittarius ; in such case, much that has been said would be largely modified, or the education and circumstances of the native would be such that the qualities imparted by the pure Venus in Scorpio would be latent and never be brought to the surface. They might be expressed through a feeling of great dissatisfaction and suppression.