Venus in Leo

Leo is by far the noblest of the signs and brings out the best qualities of Venus. Venus in Leo is not so passionate as in Aries, but she is loyal and warm-hearted. She becomes capable even of that highest virtue of self-sacrifice without which all is in vain. She becomes that Charity of which the apostle Paul waxed eloquent. This, however, depends as usual upon aspects ; an attack of Saturn (for example) may undo all the good and transform it into evil ; yet this is not so easily accomplished as when she is in a more passive and sensitive sign. However fallen, she always retains some memory of her ancient dignity. Thus we find many of the greatest-hearted people born with this position. Alexander of Greece is a fine instance, and so is Cicero, if we remember him as the author of De Senectute and De Amicitia. In more recent times we have Colonel Olcott, one of the kindesthearted men that ever lived, Tolstoi, George Sand, and Maurice Maeterlinck. One will note the flavor of humanitarianism in its best sense in all these. It is to be observed, with some care, that three of the most popular British statesmen of the old generation -Balfour Chamberlain, and Asquith, all have this position. They were of very different types, yet all acquired popularity in a way that hardly any others have done. Their positive qualities are in each case ill-fitted to inspire affection; it is something deeper in their natures which has attracted the love of their fellow countrymen. In the middle ages, who stands more for the ripe, kindly spirit of generous love than Cornelius Agrippa? It is not openly apparent in his writing, but it gilds the whole. The same remark, with necessary modification, applies to Bernard Shaw. Venus in Leo is not self-assertive and blatant; it lurks hidden, its abiding glow warming the hands of life, but never scorching them. There is no better position for Venus to attract warm feeling on the part of others; even where respect is not given to the native, he yet acquires sympathy and kindly consideration, because he is such a good fellow. Barney Barnato was decidedly the most popular of the South African millionaires, because it was recognized that, for all his roughness and his questionable methods of business, he had a real human heart. The geniality of former President Taft was very characteristic. His bitterest political opponents never said a word against him personally. Another very good example is Irvin Cobb ; Venus in Leo is very well characterized by his kindly, humanitarian humor and also by his personal characteristics. In a wider way, a more serious way, we see the same quality in Jane Addams ; and the graciousness and good feeling of Dr. Felix Adler are almost equally well known. To return to the by-paths of history, we may cite the greathearted and magnanimous Garibaldi, as illustrative of this position, while its nobility and good-feeling were also very clearly manifest in the character of Cardinal Richelieu. Curiously enough, his successor, Mazzarin, has the same position, but in Mazzarin, these qualities were by no means strongly marked. A glance at his nativity explains why Mercury is in conjunction with Venus, masking her warmth by his rational and calculating acumen, and she is seriously afflicted by a square of Uranus on the one side, and of Saturn on the other. The position of Saturn, which dominates the horoscope from the Mid-heaven, emphasizes the selfishness of the native, and Uranus, being in bad aspect to Venus, hinders the emancipation and breadth which a friendly aspect might have restored to her. These aspects might not have been sufficient to destroy her influence, had not Saturn been so extremely powerful in the horoscope. Not only is he in the Mid-heaven, but Lord of the Ascendant. Saturn is, therefore, the key of the complex, and is sufficiently powerful to out-weigh the influence of Leo upon Venus. Nature presents itself to people with Venus in Leo as primarily an emotional phenomenon. There is not the materialism which we found in Taurus or the intellectualism given by her presence in Gemini. The native may acquiesce in the dictum of Schopenhauer, that the world is a reflection of will and that both the material and mental aspects of it are subsidiary.