Uranus in Virgo

So earthy, mercurial, passive a sign as Virgo can have little in common with the fire and activity of Uranus.
Sometimes, the influence, as in the case of Cancer, becomes harmonized and fixed; but this -will only be in special cases. For the most part, one is likely to find eccentricity and mental instability, and it is not often that any great driving force is developed. Nevertheless, we are at once confronted with the case of Balzac, presumably one of the greatest novelists that ever lived. But here Leo is rising, and Uranus, though just within the second house, has no planet between him and the horizon. The Sun, lord of the Ascendant, is in conjunction with Jupiter in the tenth house. There is no lack of harmony between the personality and the temperament, except for the mercurial touch given by Virgo, which made the master personally very eccentric in manner, and somewhat unintelligible in his actions, at least to the majority of his contemporaries. Brigham Young has Uranus rising in Virgo, just within the second house, in exact sextile to Mars which is within four degrees of the conjunction of Jupiter. Mercury, the lord of Virgo, is in close conjunction with the Sun. This combination gives that tremendous energy and ability which he had, and which the mere position of Uranus would have denied him.

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