Uranus in the signs

As the race evolves, it seems that man must learn to adapt himself more and more to the vibrations of Uranus and its powerful influx, which appear to be growing more and more potent in the unfolding of genius, or the transcending of intellect. Through the harmonious vibrations of Uranus, it is found that people become prophetic, keen, perceptive, executive, inventive, original, given to roaming, untrammelled by tradition, impatient of creeds, opinionated, argumentative, stubborn, and eccentric. They speak to the point; asserting, with startling confidence, opinions far in advance of their fellows. They come into possession of wealth in unexpected and strange ways, yet often appear to pass under the yoke of discipline as though cast down for a purpose from opulence to poverty, only to rise again by the unfolding of unexpected resources. Always ahead of their time, the natives of Uranus are often dreamers in philanthropy; poetic, though their writings need interpretation and are often unintelligible even to the imaginative, because of their mystical origin and transcendental coloring. In the few years during which Uranus has been under observation, it has been found that, if afflicted, it is the source of incurable organic diseases, collapse of fortune, and individual as well as national destruction. It is demonstrable that, in inharmonious nativities, evil Uranian influences, both through transits and directions, have brought about headlong destruction from bad habits, misdirected affection, illicit connections before or after legal marriage; according to the signification of the place of radical affliction in the horoscope. Every psychic thus far studied by the writer has been found, by careful consideration of the authentic birth data, to be under powerful Uranian influence; and to this vibration may be attributed clairvoyance, warning dreams, second-sight, clairaudience and similar phenomena. The occupations or avocations which seem in sympathy with this strange planet are progressive, inventive, exploring, and of a humanitarian nature. The influence of Uranus is the least personal, and the most universal in the Zodiac; consequently, any endeavor for the betterment of humanity is favored by those who are strongly responsive to its vibration. “Uranus produces lecturers, public figures, travellers, inventors, aviators, radio operators, astrologers, electricians, scientists, physiologists, mesmerists, metaphysicians. “Uranus makes one impulsive and extremely eccentric; the native does not know his own mind, but is continually moved by providential agencies; he often becomes a fatalist, feeling that his destiny is beyond his own control. “Uranus emphasizes the will, causing the native to move spontaneously from an inner urge; the native is active, original, inventive, and is notable for his love of liberty and an idealistic sense of justice- The planet bestows leadership and causes the native to become a pioneer and to establish new orders of things. “Uranus makes the mind independent, original, and not amenable to control The native is unconventional, altruistic and subject to sudden changes of attitude. There is an uncanny ability to sense motives. “Circumstances induced by Uranus are sudden changes, estrangements, exiles, blind impulses, catastrophes, suicides, romantic tragedies, inexplicable changes of fortune, accidents, secret enemies, and plottings, sudden elevations.” From what we have said in regard to the character of Uranus, it will be seen that his force is peculiarly sympathetic to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

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