Uranus in Taurus

This position is highly favorable for Uranus, for his great energy is set to honest constructive work. One can immediately instance such empire-builders as Napoleon, Cecil Rhodes, and Wilhelm II; and, on the higher planes, we find two persons who actually invented new theogonies, which philosophy declares to be the highest creative work possible to the human intelligence.

We refer to Dante and Swedenborg, whose conceptions of Hell still hold sway over the minds of great masses of men.

Such empires endure long after earthly thrones have crumbled. Swedenborg has Sagittarius rising, and his Uranus is on the cusp of the fourth house; Dante has Gemini rising, and Uranus well above the horizon in the twelfth.

Both these signs are far from material Sagittarius more mystical, Gemini more intellectual. These differentiations are, of course, at once apparent in the work which each accomplished. Wilhelm II has Cancer rising, and accordingly he has been criticized,, by his own subjects, for that obstinate devotion to peace which delayed (and thus made more uncontrollable, ultimately), the outbreak of the Great War. Rhodes had Sagittarius rising, with Jupiter, its lord, just above the horizon.

Swedenborg’s Jupiter was exactly trine to Uranus, emphasizing the religious bent; that of Rhodes is squared by Neptune, which would tend to remove such bias from Jupiter, leaving his force to manifest itself on those more terrestrial lines which Sagittarius implies for Jupiter. Napoleon had Libra rising, and his Uranus is in the seventh house; but Libra and Taurus are sympathetic, through the fact that Venus rules both; and Venus is sextile to Uranus, and culminating.

There lies the explanation of his extraordinary sense of justice; the Code Napoleon ranks with the achievements of the greatest law givers and is the basis of the laws of several European nations. Tom Mann has this planet in the Ascendant, but Aries is on the cusp. The two signs are contrary in nature, so there is a lack of harmony.

His Will-force is occupied entirely with Taurus in its lowest form, that of labor; the sextile of Neptune to Uranus lends eccentricity to the ideas involved, and Aries rising makes the temperament violent and abrupt. Uranus thus assumes its most explosive form, and the result is an extreme agitator. A superficially most dissimilar case is that of Charles I.

Here Leo is rising, and Uranus is on the cusp of the tenth house, always a dangerous position for a malefic. Leo gives the good-heartedness characteristic of that unfortunate monarch, but Neptune rising made his temperament unstable; this, combined with the obstinacy of will shown by Uranus in Taurus, gave a disposition which could bring only disaster.

There is a very cognate example in Mr. Asquith, whose obstinate patience kept him long at the head of a most unruly majority in the House of Commons.

Here Cancer is rising, making him tactful and pliable on the surface; Uranus in Taurus, in the house of friends enables him to conceal beneath that apparent amiability a determination of steel. A case of very similar persistence in a woman is furnished by Lily Langtry.

In a woman’s horoscope, one naturally expects to find the Venus Influence of Taurus brought out fully, especially as Libra is rising; so the career is marked as singularly successful. The constructive force is able to develop itself without too great hindrance, especially as the Sun is rising, sextile to Jupiter.

No doubt,, this aspect determines the character of the object of her will; for example, had Saturn and the Moon been in the Ascendant, she might have become an indefatigable worker among the poor. Finally, we have a large group of writers. We may pair, for convenience, Bernard Shaw and Havelock Ellis.

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