Uranus in Scorpio

The nature of Scorpio in its more spiritual aspects is so singularly like that of Uranus at his best, we may anticipate that his presence in this sign will be so strong as to dominate the personality, even where that is of an opposite character. The excellence of this position will depend upon the aspects to Uranus in a greater degree than is the case in other signs. There is naturally a strong affinity between Uranus and Scorpio. With some respects, the spirit of scientific investigation, which is an important element of Scorpio, will be brought out very strongly; with others, the treacherous, subtle-witted quality of that mysterious sign ; and, in a third group, we may find its sensuality and passion most deeply marked. To begin with men of science and philosophy, we have three emancipating intelligences of the highest order ; Copernicus, Newton, and Immanuel Kant. The first of these great men has Virgo rising, with Mercury in the eighth house trined by the Moon, and only eight degrees from the trine of Mars. Uranus is in the third house near the conjunction of Neptune, and is trined by Saturn. It is impossible to imagine a more perfectly harmonious disposition of the planets for intellectual and scientific eminence. Sir Isaac Newton had Libra rising, giving the balanced judgment so requisite in scientific investigation. Uranus himself is within the Ascendant, and is trined by Jupiter, who is only six degrees from conjunction with Saturn. Here the differences from the previous example well describe the larger aspects taken by Newton’s investigation. In the horoscope of Immanuel Kant we find Taurus rising, but in 29 degrees, so that most of the Ascendant is occupied by Gemini, whose lord, Mercury, is in exact conjunction with the Sun in Taurus ; and these planets are trined by the Moon in Virgo and by Saturn in his own sign Capricorn. This gives an admirable picture of his wonderful intelligence, introspective, philosophical, metaphysical. More of the revolutionary phase of Uranus is found in the nativities of Gladstone and John Bright. The former has Capricorn rising, and Saturn is conjoined with Neptune, within two degrees, and with Venus within nine degrees. It is easy to see that the interest must be mainly human and political, for Jupiter trines this conjunction, and is in Aries, near the cusp of the third house. The temperament is not very harmonious with the personality in Gladstone’s case, though both are powerful; and in this diversity we see the possibility of trouble. In fact, his career was tumultuous, and he sometimes suddenly reversed his policy In an arbitrary, and, as some thought, an unwarrantable manner. The career of John Bright, not so astoundingly successful, nor so tempestuous, was simpler and clearer in its astrologic particulars. Here Cancer is rising; the Moon is conjoined with Venus, close to Neptune, and Uranus is in conjunction with the Sun. Cancer and Scorpio being friendly signs, the man was always himself, and attained the highest reputation for suavity and for integrity. We might also pair Charles Dickens and Alfred Tennyson. The former has Uranus rising in Scorpio, sextile to Mercury. Mars is squared by Saturn, making the temperament stronger than the personality. Hence, the man’s work was more important than he himself. Tennyson, with Gemini rising, and its lord, Mercury, suffering severely from the square of Jupiter, was of a coldly intellectual, almost priggish type. Uranus, too, is in conjunction with Mars. But Venus is rising, sextile to Jupiter, which is in the eleventh house, and so it is easy to understand that these influences counted more than the significators of either the personality or the temperament. The high honors paid Tennyson were due more to his adroitness in. pleasing his sovereign than to any other quality inherent in himself or even the excellence of his poetry.

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