Uranus in Leo

There is a peculiar sympathy between Uranus and Leo, because it is in a solar sign, and Uranus is the secret generative force by which we call the Sun, Father. Fierceness and subtlety alternate in his mode of action; he is weighty in his onset, but dangerously sudden; and he is the giver of life and death. There is, however, one serious drawback to this position of Uranus, a danger that its very sympathy with the secret part of the Solar force creates. Apollo is called “creator and destroyer”; the Lingam is addressed by the Greeks as “all-begetter, all devourer,” and this force is now seen to be concentrated in Uranus. Unless the Sun in a man’s horoscope is reasonably well-dignified, there is danger to the life of the native. The presence of Uranus in the house of the Sun is itself an affliction of the Sun on the material plane; and so the Sun must be well-dignified in other ways, or the native is likely to die before the occult power of the planet has time to manifest itself. There is, accordingly, a notable paucity of examples of the proposition which we have put forward as to its natural action when isolated; since, from the nature of the case, such isolation is rather rare. Shelley is our one great example; and his case is, fortunately, very perfect. We see the revolutionary influence at work in Greatheart ; the rebel against the fetters that bind humanity, overflowing with solar force and love which blazes on high, melting the cold passions of age and experience with his flaming jets of white-hot vapor of gold. Such works as “Prometheus Unbound” and “The World’s Tragedy” are pure Uranus in Leo. Shelley was saved from premature death through illness by the conjunction of the Sun and Venus, six degrees from Uranus; Sagittarius is rising, and its lord, Jupiter, is in conjunction with Mars and Neptune. But, Uranus being in the eighth house, an accidental death was indicated. Early as this came, he had done his work; he had sown a new seed in the fields of humanity, one of the most fruitful ever planted. Another case of the most promising talent cut short is King Edward VI, admittedly the most accomplished scholar of his period. At an age when most boys are still struggling with the elements of Latin, he spoke fluently not only that comparatively easy language, but also Greek and Hebrew. Here again, however, the Sun is only seven degrees from the square of Uranus, and is himself squared within one degree by the Moon. Mercury, lord of the Ascendant, Virgo, is squared by Mars, again within one degree; with such aspects it was impossible for the promise of youth to be fulfilled in the achievement of age. Another striking example of the seductive, fascinating temperament given by Uranus in Leo is Mary Queen of Scots. She stands out from all other queens, for beauty and tragedy, not because these elements were so much greater than in the others, but on account of the temperament itself, which has the faculty of inspiring the most amazing extremes of attraction and repulsion. There is never anything half-hearted about the feeling with which such people are regarded. With Shelley, half the world made him Apollo incarnate; the rest thought, and even wrote, that he was, in sober truth, not a man at all, but a devil sent specially from hell to plague humanity. So with Mary Queen of Scots. She had Taurus rising, and Venus In semi-sextile to the Moon. The Sun is trine to Uranus; but,, being in the eighth house,, a violent death was presaged as soon as the directions permitted; which duly came to pass. Rather similar is the personality of Cleo de Merode, whose fascination may be held to match that of the unhappy Stuart queen, having the same serpentine quality. Here Pisces is rising; the life is made secure by the trine of Mars to the Moon; and there are no afflictions to injure the native. Another example of fascination is Winston Churchill, perhaps the most attractive personality in English politics. At an age when most men, even if they started with his advantages of birth and wealth, are just taking their seats for the first time in Parliament, he was a Cabinet Minister, holding the most responsible portfolios. Scorpio is rising, a most harmonious circumstance, and the Sun is in the Ascendant, sextile to Saturn, so that the life is well-protected. However, Uranus is rather near the cusp of the tenth house, and a sudden fall from power, such as took place in 1915, was naturally to be expected. Sometimes the temperament of Uranus in Leo confers unique powers in some obscure direction. One may instance “Datas,35 with Cancer rising, and the Moon in opposition to Uranus, limiting the mental powers to his peculiar faculty of remembering dates. Somewhat like him, is Houdini, with unequalled dexterity in one trivial, but most unusual accomplishment, that of being able to extricate himself from bars or fetters. The squares of Mars and Saturn to Uranus indicate the special line in which the temperament is displayed.

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