Uranus in Gemini (I)

Scorpio is rising, with Mars and Jupiter in close conjunction just above the cusp of the Ascendant, and once again we see the brutal thrust of the personality, breaking through all obstacles to attain its ends. And here again the effect is upon the minds of men. But there is nothing subtly persuasive; the only weapon is the bludgeon. He literally tries to bully men into belief or what, for the moment, passes for belief. Another vigorous personality was Mrs. Pankhurst, with Aquarius rising. Aquarius and Gemini are friendly enough, and thus we observe that, within the narrow limitations, (Mercury is afflicted by the conjunction of Saturn in the sixth, a most unfortunate house for the mental ruler), her will has produced very remarkable results. Richard Strauss has Cancer rising, and Uranus not far above the Orient. The Moon, lady of Cancer, is in the third house, in Virgo; thus the mind and the temperament are in tune; and Cancer is a sign most delicate and pleasing, receptive of harmonious impulses from without. The Sun, too, lord of Music, is with Uranus, and Venus stands the morning star above them. How beautiful a picture of the temperament of the composer of “Electra” and “Salome”! J. M. W. Turner is another excellent example of this position. One may ask where lies the peculiar force of Gemini; but a further investigation of the horoscope will justify wisdom of her children. Capricorn is rising with Saturn in close trine to Uranus, thus harmonizing the personality, while Uranus himself is modified by the conjunction of Venus, the planet of gracious form and brilliant color. A certain ruggedness and power is added to these by the square of Mars. Far less amicable dispositions are found in the nativity of Thomas Moore. Scorpio is rising, and there is the successful man, no doubt, especially as Mars is in his own house, just above the eastern skyline. But he is sorely weakened by the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn, while Uranus is squared by Jupiter. Hence, the extremely narrow limit of his art, and the monotony of his melody. Uranus, too, is in the seventh house, and it is never well for the will to conflict with the personality. Moore’s ambition was never equalled by his achievement; and his best-known work is not vital or elemental. One of the greatest chemists that ever lived was Sir Humphrey Davy. He, too, had Scorpio rising, but its lord Mars in Libra is in exact trine to Uranus, giving him that noble devotion to justice, in Nature, which made him so perfect an observer. Here, then, is a temperament of ideal balance, and the will worked freely at its gigantic and most honorable ambition. It may be objected that Mars Is in his detriment, but the trine of Uranus fully compensates for this weakness. Scorpio gives the inquiring mind, and the position of Uranus in the Zodiac could not but operate freely with such assistance. With Neptune and Jupiter in exact conjunction in the House of Fame, the native was assured not only of success, but of recognition.

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