Uranus in Capricorn

In Capricorn, Saturn’s constricting restraint directs the explosive force of Uranus, just as the binding walls of the cannon intensify the effect of the discharge.
With Uranus in this sign we get “an he-goat also, against whom there is no rising up.” The native of this position is, in Kipling’s phrase, “a first-class fighting man.” The examples of this quality are so convincing that they need only to be mentioned. The power evoked is so great that no afflictions to the personality appear to daunt it, unless they are extraordinarily evil. The Magical Will of the Man, his Mission in the World, is everything to him. We have, to begin with, Charles Baudelaire, who despite all persecutions, revolutionized French thought, and, by inspiring Swinburne as his spiritual first-born son, revolutionized English thought as well. We have Louis Pasteur, who revolutionized surgery in the teeth of the deadliest opposition; Huxley, who battled for science against orthodox religion, the most Homeric and spectacular combat of the Victorian period; Alfred Russell Wallace, one of his principal colleagues in the fight; Kruger, who broke the power of the British Empire, and “staggered humanity” by the dour fight that his handful of burghers put up against overwhelming hosts; Grant, who crushed Lee; Burton, the most desperate antagonist in private and in public life that England ever bore; and Tolstoi, who went out into the snow of a Russian winter to die in a wayside railway station so bitter, even in extreme old age, with the hand of death upon his shoulder, was his hatred of “home” and “comfort” and the normal life of man. Then we have Rosa Bonheur, whose life was one long battle against her own femininity; and, finally, George III (whom we must regard merely as a symbol of the race which he ruled), who broke, with dogged courage and endurance, the power of Napoleon. Even in the mad King himself we can see the fighting quality; it was his obstinate, bull-dog stupidity that lost to his crown these United States of America.

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