Tiger 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

2019 will be a year marked by really strong emotions; at times, Tigers will feel vulnerable as well as annoyed because of the instability of their own feelings. Nevertheless, this temporary discomfort will give them the chance of walking other emotional paths within the couple. Relationships will grow up thanks to the obstacles. It will be a year for learning and growing up. Tigers will have to learn new ways of relating to others. Even if pride gets hurt in the beginning, Tiger people will soon discover that looking for the others’ approval is just absurd. This year will afford for being wrong, going unnoticed and even making a fool of oneself. The year of the Horse proposes an interesting path of self-knowledge via new relationships —friendly ones and of the other kind.


The influence of the Horse will bring about some stress in the Tigers’ work and contract relationships. But first and foremost, they must avoid getting involved in lawsuits and trials. Even in the face of seemingly adverse circumstances, the better choice of action will be to control aggressive instincts and cautiously wait for the natural development of the situation. Some delays in the realization of goals may prove Tigers’ patience, but there will be no way of speeding things up. Everything will arrive in its due time; it just makes no sense getting upset.


People born under this sign are vital, love sports, and like to care about their looks and health to stay young and enjoy the overall well-being they value so much. Tigers’ emotions are passionate; they can shift between high-energy and melancholic sensitivity periods. Weak points include circulation, ankles and calves, varicose veins, anaemia, and the skin, but their capacity for recovery is truly amazing. Going deep down into the personal and subconscious aspects of their own being is always a pending challenge, and Tigers often run away from it.

Quality of Life

Trying to rush things up will fill Tigers with anxiety and frustration. Instead, this year they must get in tune with the rhythm of the Universe and allow for both people and the environment to make their statements in their due time. It is a good year to refurbish the home in order to feel comfortable in it, and to spend more time with family. A cozy space, with wicker and wood furniture, plants, and decoration in green and light blue colors will provide the good energy the Tiger needs. Herbal teas, slow and calmed chewing, no fried foods are habits that will considerably improve their health. Tigers should practice movement meditation.