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The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and while it holds some pleasing developments for the Tiger, it is also one which requires some care. However, provided the Tiger remains aware of the traps that the Monkey year can spring, he will make good progress and be able to use his talents well.
One feature of the Monkey year is that it encourages the enterprising, and as the Tiger is usually so keen and a source of so many ideas, he is well placed to benefit from the prevailing aspects. In his work he can make good progress and there will certainly be chances for him to take on greater responsibilities, be promoted, or move to a position which allows him to make better use of his talents. Work-wise, the Monkey year is a time for change and progress. Also, when he has ideas he should put these forward. Again his initiative can lead to some interesting results.
Tigers who are seeking work, either as the year starts or during it, will also find that their experience and keenness will lead to them securing an interesting position. While it may not always be exactly what they were hoping for, by making the most of the opportunities they are given, they will not only be able to further their skills but also discover new strengths which they can build upon. For some Tigers, 2016 can bring a change in direction which they can capitalize on over the next few years. For work opportunities the months of April, June, September and November are particularly favourable.
However, while the Monkey year will allow the Tiger to make progress, some words of caution do need to be sounded. In particular, the Tiger does need to remain disciplined. With his wide interests and desire to be involved in so much, there is a risk that he could spread his energies too widely or take on more than he can properly handle. Similarly, in his desire to get results, the Tiger should be wary of taking short cuts or risks. When carrying out his duties he needs to remain thorough and focused.
In addition, he could face some niggling irritations as a result of delays, bureaucracy or even the petty-mindedness of certain individuals. Although annoying, these situations should be handled with care. A considered response will yield far more than words said in haste. With care, though, the Tiger’s handling of difficult situations could ultimately enhance his reputation.
The progress that the Tiger makes in his work will lead to an increase in his income, but again a certain care is needed. Over the year the Tiger will want to do and acquire a great deal, but he does need to plan his spending as well as allow for any new financial obligations he may take on. While he may feel he deserves to enjoy the rewards of his efforts, too many spending sprees could quickly mount up. Money-wise, this can be a good year, but it does call for careful management.
This need for care and consideration also extends to the Tiger’s personal life. Although both domestically and socially the year will give rise to many happy and memorable occasions, the Tiger does need to remain mindful of others. In particular he could find that those around him do not always share his enthusiasm for some of his ideas and plans. To prevent problems, he must take note of their views and be prepared to show some flexibility. Dialogue and compromise really can make a great difference in certain situations. Also, the Tiger should be careful that his work and interests do not intrude too much into his family life. To be too preoccupied with other activities could again lead to some tensions. Fortunately the Tiger is usually considerate in this respect, but it is something he does need to watch over the year.
However, despite these warnings, the Tiger can look forward to some great moments in his domestic and social life. There will be much in his family life for him to enjoy, including the interests and activities he can share with others. His social life too will bring him considerable pleasure, with invitations to parties and other events. On a personal level, the months of April and May and the last quarter of the year could be some of the best and most active times.
Throughout the Monkey year the Tiger should bear in mind that there are many who think highly of him, and when he does have any problems and concerns, he should raise them. With dialogue being so important this year, he does need to be forthcoming.
The Monkey year favours travel and the Tiger should try to go away for a holiday or break at some time. As he will find, his travels will not only take him to some inter-esting destinations but also give him the chance to unwind and enjoy himself.
Overall, this can be a rewarding year for the Tiger, giving him the chance to make progress, use his skills well and sometimes identify new strengths. He will enjoy many of the activities he gets involved in, but he does need to remain aware of the traps the Monkey year can spring and should be careful and thorough in all he does. If he bears this in mind, then he can certainly benefit from the opportunities this interesting and generally positive year will bring.

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