The year of the Monkey

Whether leaping from branch to branch, playing chase or sitting immersed in his own thoughts, there is something very compelling about the Monkey. He is entertaining to watch and keeps himself occupied. You never quite know what he is going to do next, and as the Chinese have so often said, anything can happen in a Monkey year. This one will certainly see some dramatic events.
The year will have its successes, and innovation and enterprise will be to the fore, but unfortunately there are more ominouc Aspects as well. Monkey years are notorious for their flash points and this year is unlikely to be an exception. The Hungarian revolution occurred in a Monkey year, as did the Suez crisis, the student riots in Paris, the escalation of the troubles in Northern Ireland and, in the last Monkey year, the Los Angeles riots and fighting in the Balkans. There will be tensions too when certain factions and nationalities will rise up in protest about their situation. As a result, there will be times of political uncertainty, with peace-keeping organizations such as the United Nations often playing a pivotal role. Some of the year’s events will have far-reaching implications. The Polish Solidarity movement which was to have such a marked effect on events in Eastern Europe was formed in a Monkey year, and 12 years ago South Africa held its historic referendum in favour of the ending of apartheid. In a Monkey year also saw the inauguration of the single European market bring a further expansion of the European Community an event which is likely to be highly significant in the history of Europe.
The volatility of the year will have an effect on stock markets around the world, with dramatic swings being experienced. While at times the market will rally investors will need to keep their wits about them and base their decisions on fact rather than emotion. Monkey years can cost the unwary dear. Investors, be careful.
It is also likely that the currency markets will be highly volatile, with certain currencies coming under pressure. In the last Monkey year the British pound sank to an all-time low and Black Wednesday occurred, a day that will be forever marked in the annals of British fiscal history
Another grim feature of Monkey years is the number of assassinations that have taken place during them. These have included President Doumer of France, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Senator Robert Kennedy, Archbishop Romero and the President of Algeria. While it is hoped that this year will be free from similar acts, the indications are not promising.
While some of the foregoing may have made sombre reading, the Monkey year does have its more promising aspects and this year will be marked by some major achievements. The Monkey year is very much one that pushes the boundaries in many different fields. In medicine it was in a Monkey year that the World Health Organization announced the eradication of smallpox, and further advances in the treatment of disease will be made in this year.
Similarly, in science, technology and communication, new research and inventions will have far-reaching effects. A previous Monkey year saw the launch of the first of the Intelsat satellites, with its great communication capacity. In other Monkey years the Bell Telephone Company began to develop the Visual telephone’ and, many years before, Marconi launched the first public broadcasting system in Britain, an event which was to pave the way to so much.
But progress will not stop there. Monkey years have seen many great achievements, particularly feats of engineering. The Aswan Dam wa/<6mpleted in a Monkey year, as were the Zuider Zee drainage project, Britain's first atomic power station, Sydney Harbour Bridge and, in Switzerland, the world's largest road tunnel, running over 10 miles under the St Gotthard mountain range. This year could again see the completion of some major projects. In the world of entertainment this is a year for experiment and will be marked by new trends and fashions as well as considerable advances in home entertainment. It is likely that new cult figures will emerge and capture the imagination with their distinctive styles. Interestingly, it was in a Monkey year that Elvis Presley first came to prominence. This year will also see the Olympic Games return to Greece and the games in Athens will see many new records and exciting personal feats. In this area, too, the Monkey year will be one for breaking new barriers. For the individual, the Monkey year is a time to make the most of ideas and talents. This is a year for enterprise and commitment, and for those who are prepared to take the initiative, it can often turn out to be especially rewarding. The motto of the Boy Scout movement, founded in 1908, a Monkey year, is Be Prepared, and this is an apt motto for us all this year. Be prepared, be bold and be positive. The Monkey year may be dramatic, but it is a time of opportunity. Make the most of it and you can reap the benefits that this special Chinese year will bring.
Good luck and good fortune.

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