The Sun in the signs

The Sun stands for the individuality, just as the Moon expresses the personality. It also governs the constitution and is the Life force and backbone of the whole system. Where the Sun is strong by position of aspects, it gives strength of character, a powerful will and a vigorous constitution, all of which contribute toward making the life successful. Where the Sun is weak, there is danger of short life or one broken by spells of illness or much misfortune. In this volume, no consideration will be given to the significance of the decanates of the signs, as for example: Aries is subdivided into three sections of ten degrees each, ruled respectively by Marss the Sun and Jupiter.

These points, although important in the minute examination of the nativities of people with regard to whom it is possible to obtain exact data, are too exhaustive for consideration in a work of this kind. It cannot be too strongly emphasized again that an analysis of the meaning of every factor in Astrology is dependent upon its relation to every other factor. For instance, the Sun in each sign has a certain definite influence which it invariably exerts, but that influence, thus exerted, is combined with every other influence of the Sun in its house position and in its aspects, as well as in reference to the ascending sign and other planetary positions and aspects. Thus, it is from the sum of the forces and not from each one of them separately judged, that an analysis is made.

The reader should remember, therefore, that to read the analysis of the Sun in the signs as it follows, as an analysis verbatim of the solar position in a nativity, to read it except as one of the forces of a nativity to be united, accentuated or modified by the other factors involved, is not scientific astrology and will not give a true interpretation. The statements true in themselves, must be united intellectually, in each particular nativity, with other particular factors of that nativity; and then, and only then, are the peculiarities of individual instances described.

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