The Rooster year

For the individual, the Rooster year can often be beneficial and rewarding. Many people are likely to pay more attention to their lifestyle and well-being over the year, and interest in disciplines such as yoga, t’ai chi, aerobics and other forms of exercise will increase.
Many governments around the world will back this, making funds available for sports and fitness programmes and encouraging health initiatives. Attention will also be given to the importance of diet. Health awareness will be a major feature of the year.
Also, for those prepared to work hard and to use their skills well, the Rooster year can be rewarding on a personal level. This is a year which favours dedication and effort and, as the Chinese proverb states, Diligence leads to riches. In the Rooster year, it is the diligent who will fare the best.
And this does sum up the nature of the year. It is a time for positive action and commitment rather than for letting talents, ideas and opportunities go to waste. For those prepared to make the most of themselves and put in the effort, the year can bring many rewards.
Use it well and may you enjoy good fortune over the next 12 months.
Economically, the Rooster year will be one of steady but slow growth, with market conditions most favouring companies which are sleek, efficient and producing quality goods and services.
In addition financial malpractice and inefficient or uneconomic procedures could come under close scrutiny, with some major investigations taking place.
The year is also likely to be marked by some historic achievements, often coming as the culmination of many years of effort and planning. It was in previous Rooster years that man conquered the moon and Concorde made its first supersonic flight. Further achievements this year will also mark the advance of mankind. In particular, discoveries in space and new information about our solar system could be dramatic and significant.

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