The positive side of Aquarius

The Aquarius man or woman is usually very honest and forthright. These are his two greatest qualities. His standards for himself are generally very high. He can always be relied upon by others. His word is his bond.
Aquarius is perhaps the most tolerant of all the Zodiac personalities. He respects other people’s beliefs and feels that everyone is entitled to his own approach to life.
He would never do anything to injure another’s feelings. He is never unkind or cruel. Always considerate of others, the Water Bearer is always willing to help a person in need. He feels a very strong tie between himself and all the other members of mankind.
The person born under this sign, called the Water Bearer, is almost always an individualist. He does not believe in teaming up with the masses, but prefers going his own way. His ideas about life and mankind are often quite advanced. There is a saying to the effect that the average Aquarius is fifty years ahead of his time.
Aquarius is community-minded.
The problems of the world concern him greatly. He is interested in helping others no matter what part of the globe they live in. He is truly a humanitarian sort. He likes to be of service to others.
Giving, considerate, and without prejudice, Aquarius have no trouble getting along with others.