The Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius has, on the whole, a very favorable effect upon the Moon. It represents her at her very best. The touch of coldness and inhumanity is no longer there. The sterility and instability are taken away. The indications afforded by the senses are admirable; not only are they accurate, ‘but their effect upon the mind is altogether what it should be. There is the scientific attitude, but there is also the human interest. There is no error either toward emotionalism or sentimentality or rationalism.
The reaction is strong and neither too swift nor too slow. We may take as the best examples of this position of the Moon, Dante and Wagner. Here we find, almost equally in both cases, the religious instinct, the humanitarian instinct, the sex instinct and the scientific instinct all admirably developed and not one of them over-developed. Both were familiar with the science of their period, but neither became an extremist. Both followed the religious average of their period, but without undue fanaticism on the one hand or skepticism on the other. People with this position are always likely to be somewhat in advance of their contemporaries, but this advance will be of an all-round character not distorted or even one-sided. This Is a very rare and perfect circumstance.
The majority of so-called advanced thinkers have merely a disproportion of over-development on some one line, but people with the Moon in Aquarius are so well-balanced that it is rare for them to upset their contemporaries by an extravagance of views. This universality of interest nearly always tends to make the native a charming companion, whose conversation is always well worth listening to. It is difficult for the native to be satisfied with any one individual; his sympathies move in too many channels. He may, therefore, give more pleasure to his friends than they to him. This sign is not altogether so fortunate as the home of the Moon in the case of a woman.
She becomes almost too Aquarian, and even a good quality can be overdone. There will probably be some lack of heart, unless there is a corresponding correction, as for example the Sun in Cancer or Leo. The women in the native’s life will be much above the average, loyal, broad-minded, intelligent, and while, to some extent, idealistic, they will indubitably prove of the greatest practical assistance to the native, whether man or woman, particularly if his career lies in some such direction as is indicated by the sign itself. Mothers having children with the Moon in Aquarius are likely to play the part of a chum and companion with them, but they should avoid being too indulgent or unselfish in their attitude toward them.