The Four Elements

Astrology’s four elements represent the four ways in which energy expresses itself. In the universe, all is vibration: Earth, Water, Fire and Air should not just be thought of as substances, but also as concepts. They make up the synthesis of all the physical and psychic manifestations of every being.
At the same time, from a more psychological point of view and in terms of the characteristics of each astrological sign, they represent specific modes of perceiving both ourselves and the reality that surrounds us.
These energies, in turn, presume an evolutionary process that moves from the material to the spiritual. They are each connected to all of the signs, although each sign belongs to one or another element. However, either through similarity or through contrast, they contribute to an energy that we all must learn to channel in our own lives.
Each element shapes our innate strengths, the strengths we possessed when we were born. They influence the traits that make up our personalities.