The Four Elements: Water

Next in the elements’ progress toward the spiritual is Water, the second-densest and second-most physical element. Unlike Earth, water can expand and take on an infinite variety of forms.
This lends it certain fundamental characteristics: it is mutable, malleable, vulnerable, unstable, and fluid. It possesses feminine characteristics — since it is humid and a giver of life — receptive, cold, and passive.
Water is directly related to the world of feelings and emotions, to instincts, the unconscious, the formless, the psychic, and to thought. The world of Water lacks Earth’s strength, but, being intense, it is energetic in a different way.
People born under Water signs, therefore, experience the world through sensation and emotion: through what they feel, what they perceive, and what they enjoy. What does not fit these categories tends not to interest them. Consequently, many of them are more oriented more toward fantasy than toward reality.
For Water signs, the physical diminishes in importance, while everything related with the spirit and with the psychic qualities of things takes precedence. This also implies that Water signs can easily perceive the feelings of others and can, in turn, be influenced by them. Indeed, they can’t help it.
Water signs express themselves and define their mode of being in the world through creativity, art, the mystical, the spiritual, the esoteric arts, music, and all of that is related with human feeling. They tend to feel more than they do, and, therefore, tend to complain instead of acting, even while the pain felt by others overwhelms them.
Virtues: spirituality, depth, psychic ability, intuition, imagination, flexibility, compassion, connection with the world of the unconscious, creativity, solidarity.
Flaws: vulnerability, hypersensitivity, a lack of realism and logic, moodiness, isolation, frustration, a victim’s mentality, weakness, a tendency to manipulate others.
Water Signs
Each person born under a Water sign will embody these qualities according to their own temperament:
Cancer: the most emotional sign, and the one that places the most importance on its emotional attachments and its family.
Scorpio: calculating, deep, very passionate and sensual, this sign has an enormous capacity for personal reinvention.
Pisces: The most creative and most sensitive sign, and also the most mysterious and transcendent.

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