The Four Elements: Fire

Fire is the form of energy that follows Water. It is a quick and active element — all impulse — that is unfeeling and unreflective. It represents the will, the enterprising spirit that operates on all intellectual and emotional levels. Consequently, people born under Fire signs are naturally lively, quick-tempered, volatile and, sometimes, wrathful.
Masculine by nature, Fire means passion, desire, and freedom of action. Fire signs always seek to satisfy their own needs, and will do so according to their own values and ideas.
Fire is also the element that purifies and sublimates, which is why it is often associated with the future, with spiritual quests, and with freedom, travel, and eternity. Those born under Fire signs are full of energy, happy, and optimistic. They believe in their own strength, and they seek to impose their desires on others.
Fire signs act in accordance with their wishes, and they consider their actions the direct results of their impulses. They cannot keep from doing what they want to do because they want to do it now. Consequently, they tend to be leaders in every setting, be it professional or emotional. They trust in themselves, in a fighting spirit, in enthusiasm, and in the will to overcome. No-one has more drive or creativity than a Fire sign with favorable aspects.
However, Fire signs tire easily. Once they have accomplished what they aspired to do, the matter no longer interests them and they move on to something else, which often causes them to lose focus. Fire looks ahead, to the future, and never looks back. It does not conserve, but innovates. It pays no attention to others, but rather imposes its desires on them. Fire signs lack the ability to explain themselves, to reflect, or to question either their ideas or their actions.
Their highest ideal is to be free, to do what they please when they please. They always have options: a Fire sign might conquer a new territory, travel to the Moon, or make themselves a spiritual guide to others on Earth.
Virtues: creativity, inspiration, efficiency, quickness, productivity, optimism, vitality, love of liberty and big ideas, nobility.
Flaws: impulsivity, impatience, aggression, egoism, lack of focus, neediness, violence, intolerance.
Fire Signs
Each person born under a Fire sign will embody these qualities according to their own temperament:
Aries: The most quick-tempered and impulsive Fire sign, as well as the most self-confident and self-aware.
Leo: The most seductive and egocentric Fire sign, with the most aptitude for leadership and organization.
Sagittarius: the most creative sign, and the freest. Idealistic, happy, and fun, this Fire sign worries most about the common good.

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