The Four Elements: Earth

Earth is the densest, most concrete, most physical, most easily quantifiable, slowest, most enduring, and strongest element. A person whose sign belongs to this element — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — perceives reality through concrete sensations provided by the five senses.
They experience the world: by touching, smelling, seeing, talking, and listening. This also implies slowness, since they need an initial contact in order to perceive, interpret, and react to these stimuli.
Those born under Earth signs are, therefore, immensely sensitive. They are realists: their view of the world, of themselves, of what they give and of what they receive, and of others, is concrete, conservative, and practical. They aim to bring things into being, to translate the abstract into the physical. In turn, they tend to preserve, to save up, and to accumulate, another property that stems from this element’s density.
Those born under Earth signs feel the need for fixed patterns, be they expressed through projects, ideas, behaviors, or values. Accordingly, they tend to be people who believe in traditions, in national pride, in the family, and in nature.
Those born under Earth signs are naturally strong: they are workers, and they strive diligently to get what they want. They are steady and concentrate on the task at hand, but they also tend to be rigid and unimaginative in their outlooks.
Their natural inclination is to search for a way to preserve, accumulate, and control, which is to say that they desire a tangible experience of all that they possess, be it material or emotional.
Virtues: hard-working, diligent, tenacious, able to concentrate, vigorous, patient, solid, cautious, sober, possessing a capacity for enjoyment, pleasure-seeking and sensuous
Flaws: slow, stubborn, rigid, lacking in imagination, having a low aptitude for abstraction, reluctant to take action, excessively hedonistic, lecherous, prone to addictions.
Earth Signs
Each person born under an Earth sign will embody these qualities according to their own temperament:
Taurus: the earthiest and most possessive of these three signs.
Virgo: the most intellectual of the Earth signs, it prepares and plans.
Capricorn: the Earth sign that knows how to get the most out of things, the most practical.

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