The Four Elements: Air

Air is the least material and least dense element and is therefore associated with thought, intelligence, intellectual ability, mental acuteness, and creativity.
Air’s world is a world of ideas, imagination, reasoning, communication, language, and fantasy. Its enthusiasm for knowledge is unique: Air is indefatigable and always wants to know, to experiment, and to find out.
Air, like Fire, is an active element: it is unpredictable and even, at times, aggressive. Air is directly related to creativity, which is why it is used to symbolize the scientist, the genius, and the idealist.
The lives of Air signs are a series of projects, relationships, experiences, events, ideas, and contacts, all of which simmer in their minds and fight to find their way into the real world.
These minds, and these ideas, will find their expression in science, in the arts, in philosophy, or in mental digressions which allow them to travel through time and space, dispensing brilliant and inventive notions.
Air signs’ penchant for abstraction can make it seem as if the reality they experience is immaterial, wrapped up as they can get in the world of the ideal. They will often strive to become artists, since their most profound motivation is to make their ideals — the good, beauty, and knowledge — into realities. Their universe consists of worlds yet to be built.
Never very realistic, Air signs sometimes experience the everyday world as a sort of prison, full of restrictions. More theoretically oriented than practical, they tend to criticize rather than moving to improve situations that they find unsatisfactory.
Virtues: intelligence, mental acuity, language and communication skills, artistic talent, brilliance, genius, harmony, likability, idealism.
Flaws: coldness, a dispassionate outlook, volatility, fault-finding intolerance.
Air Signs
Each person born under an Air sign will embody these qualities according to their own temperament:
Gemini: the ablest communicator and the best at learning languages and handling information.
Libra: The most creative, a lover of beauty. Seductive and concerned with the well-being of others.
Aquarius: the most idealistic of these three signs, the most abstract sign, and the one which possesses the most potential for transformation.

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