The effects of Jupiter on vocation

In the days when a man was either a lord or a serf, a knight or an innkeeper, it was comparatively easy to determine with exactness a man’s vocation. In modern days, however, there are thousands of different and characteristic types of employment. While Jupiter is the key to the type of work which may bring a man money or profit, it does not necessarily follow that it is the kind of vocation for which he has the greatest inclination. Too often, indeed, his inclination is not that for which he is best adapted, or it is incompatible with his environment and education. On the other hand, an accurate observer may often see a person with distinct abilities for a certain type of work, and yet he recognizes that, for some other reason, he had an inability to make a success of that work. For example, those born with Jupiter in Aries are seldom contented and happy unless they can be in a type of work where leadership, personal self-assertiveness, and pioneering are necessary to success. Those with Jupiter in Aries are never contented with a routine job, or one in which their personalities are constantly subjected to others. These people have ability in managing large enterprises or organizations, and have a desire to be at the head of any undertaking in which they may be engaged. They find it necessary, however, to guard against giving the impression that they are over-confident and that their ideas are not practical. Men active in politics, club or organization work, and those who meet with success in military life, or in any business connected with fire, railroads, or machinery, are born with Jupiter in Aries. Even if not personally interested in these undertakings, investments in them should yield good returns. People born between March 21st and April 21st, July 21st and August 21st, and November 21st and December 21st prove fortunate to those having Jupiter in this sign in a business way, and undertakings which lead up to them at these times in any year will stand a good chance of succeeding, or may prove to be connecting links to more important things later on. Those born with Jupiter in Taurus require a kind of work where constructiveness, systematic building, and a certain amount of routine bring success. Even though the mind may be radical in interest aoid advanced in thought., the method of procedure will be one of careful and conservative action. These people are natural builders ; but it largely depends upon circumstances whether they use their constructive force in erecting a skyscraper, in running a ranch, in opening a new mine, in building a factory, or establishing a rundown business on a paying basis. As Taurus rules the throat, Jupiter in this sign often gives one a sympathetic speaking or singing voice. It is interesting to note that Jupiter was in this sign in the horoscopes of Sarah Bernhardt and Geraldine Farrar. Women having Jupiter in Taurus make natural home builders, devoted mothers, and are successful as interior decorators or in activities with or for children. People born between December 21st and January 21st, April 21st and May 21st, and August 21st and September 21st, prove fortunate in a business way to those having Jupiter in this sign ; and undertakings, which lead up to them at these times in any year, will stand a good chance of succeeding or prove to be connecting links to greater things later on. Landed property will prove to be one of their safest forms of investment. Those born with Jupiter in Gemini will have a natural desire to make money through some professional, diplomatic or mental pursuit. Seldom will any form of manual labor be agreeable. Brilliance takes the place of routine, and any routine task will be obnoxious. Patience and persistence are not characteristic virtues of this type. Many bankers, brokers, promoters, lawyers, diplomats, public speakers, actors, artistic and professional men have been born with Jupiter in Gemini. These people should guard against allowing their interests to be too much divided, although their Jupiter being in Gemini often makes them successful in two different enterprises at the same time. They should guard against going into new ventures before looking into them most carefully, as they naturally attract schemers.

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