The effects of Jupiter on vocation (II)

They have two fields of activity open to them. Some of our most successful literary men, accountants, secretaries and teachers, as well as successful manufacturers, builders, miners, foresters, biologists and agriculturists were born with Jupiter in this sign. Women having Jupiter in Virgo are successful in business life, or as librarians, private secretaries, teachers or in any position where practical, analytical, critical or constructive faculties are required. The natural tendency to be constructive makes both men and women judicious in the expenditure of money, regardless of the income, and gives them a dislike for undue extravagance or waste. They make wise buyers. People with Jupiter in Virgo should look into any opportunities which may lead up to them between December 20th and January 20th, April 20th and May 20th, August 20th and September 20th; for, even though these opportunities may not appear vital at the time, they may prove connecting links to greater things later on. People born at these times will usually prove fortunate to them in a worldly way. They would do well to consider, as investments, real estate, mining property, manufacturing enterprises, or mortgages. Those born with Jupiter in Libra show a type of vocational interest where breadth of concept or even balance of judgment is of supreme worth. It is a position of such sensitiveness that rough, manual tasks or the stress of war would be most irksome. There is that type of personal balance and discrimination which might make the native a jeweler, a painter or a judge, but he could not be a butcher or a general. It gives a keen sense of justice and the ability to come to fair and just conclusions, even though adverse to their own personal interests. In fact, these people often show better judgment in the management of money belonging to others than in the management of their own, particularly if connected with speculation. For this reason, unless circumstances seem very favorable, it would be well for them to be a part of a large organization or have a partner who has qualities which complement their own, rather than to be in business for themselves. Some of our most successful lawyers, judges, bankers, brokers, engineers, architects, electricians, as well as artists, are born with Jupiter in Libra. Therefore, any of the above professions or lines of business would prove more agreeable as a calling than anything purely commercial. If forced into the commercial world, they will feel dissatisfied, even though they meet with financial success. If they choose a hobby or an avocation, this will help to make their life seem more nearly complete. It would be well for those having Jupiter in Libra to look into opportunities which lead up to them from January 20th to February 20th, May 20th to June 20th, and September 20th to October 20th ; for, although they may not appear to be of vital Importance at the time, they may prove to be connecting links to more important things later on. These would also be propitious times for making greater effort to advance their interests, to increase their business, or for adjusting misunderstandings. Even though adverse aspects are operating in any particular year, these periods will usually bring some favorable conditions or assist them in taking an attitude which will help to mitigate whatever may be threatened. People born during the above mentioned dates may, in some way5 contribute toward their financial interests. Those born with Jupiter in Scorpio would be well qualified for a general or for anyone like, let us say, a detective ; they are interested in all subtle, secret and exact forms of activity. They would not delight in an open, jolly, offhand type of work, such as travelling salesmanship. These people are very tenacious in the attainment of their desires and ambitions, whether they be for power in the financial, artistic, or social world. They have a great sense of self-protection, but must guard against being too self-absorbed. Scorpio is the sign of great extremes, and can either make one very spiritual and unselfish or very material. It is, therefore, necessary that those who have Jupiter so placed live up to their best, as well as to the letter of the law. Many successful critics, musicians, chemists, and those engaged in mechanical pursuits, as well as officials in large organizations, have Jupiter in Scorpio. Women with Jupiter in this sign often make magnetic healers, nurses, masseuses and dentists, or attendants in physicians’ offices. It would be well for these people to look into opportunities which lead up to them, from February 20th to March 20th, June 20th to July 20th, and October 20th to November 20th; people born between these times are likely to benefit them in a business way. Those born with Jupiter in Sagittarius would find sympathetic any sphere of work where clear, penetrating, intellectual precision would produce essential success.

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