The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

1st Individuality, body appearance,
general outlook on life
Personality house
2nd Finance, possessions, ethical
principles, gain or loss
Money house
3rd Relatives, communication, short
journeys, writing, education
Relatives house
4th Family and home, parental ties, land
and property, security
Home house
5th Pleasure, children, creativity,
entertainment, risk
Pleasure house
6th Health, harvest, hygiene, work and
service, employees
Health house
7th Marriage and divorce, the law,
partnerships and alliances
Marriage house
8th Inheritance, secret deals, sex, death,
Inheritance house
9th Travel, sports, study, philosophy,
Travel house
10th Career, social standing, success and
Business house
11th Friendship, social life, hopes and wishes Friends house
12th Troubles, illness, secret enemies,
hidden agendas
Trouble house

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