Taurus Woman Taurus Man

Although a man born under the same sign as you may seem like a natural better look twice before you leap. It can also be that he resembles you too closely to be compatible. You can be pretty set in your ways. When you encounter someone with just as much willpower or stubbornness, a royal fireworks display can be the result. When two Taurus lock horns it can be a very exhausting and totally frustrating get-together. But if the man of your dreams is one born under your sign and you’re sure that no other will do, then proceed with extreme caution. Even though you know yourself well—or think you do—it does not necessarily mean that you will have an easy time understanding him. Since you both are practical, you should try a rational approach to your relationship. Put all the cards on the table, discuss the matter, and decide whether to cooperate, compromise, or call it quits.
If you both have your sights set on the same goals, a life together could be just what the doctor ordered. You both are affectionate and have a deep need for affection. Being loved, understood, and appreciated is vital for your mutual well-being.
Essentially, you are both looking for peace, security, and harmony in your lives. Working toward these goals together may be a good way of eventually attaining them, especially if you are honest and tolerant of each other.
If you should marry a Taurus man, you can be sure that the wolf will stay far away from the door. They are notoriously good providers and do everything to make their families comfortable and happy. He’ll appreciate the way you make a home warm and inviting. Good food, all the comforts, and a few luxuries are essential ingredients. Although he may be a big lug of a guy, he’ll be fond of gentle treatment and soft things. If you puff up his pillow and tuck him in at night, he won’t complain. He’ll eat it up and ask for more.
In friendships, you’ll both be on even footing. You both tend to seek out friends who are successful or prominent. You admire people who work hard and achieve what they set out for. It helps to reassure your way of looking at things.
Taurus parents love their children very much and never sacrifice a show of affection even when scolding them. Since you both are excellent disciplinarians bringing up children, you should try to balance your tendency to be strict with a healthy amount of pampering and spoiling.