Taurus Woman Sagittarius Man

The Taurus woman who has her cap set for a Sagittarius man may have to apply large amounts of strategy before being able to make him pop that question. When visions of the altar enter the romance, Sagittarius are apt to get cold feet. Although you may become attracted to the Archer, because of his positive, winning manner, you may find the relationship loses some of its luster when it assumes a serious hue. Sagittarius are full of bounce—perhaps too much bounce to suit you. They are often hard to pin down and dislike staying put. If ever there’s a chance to be on the move, he’ll latch on to it post haste. They’re quick people, both in mind and spirit. And sometimes because of their zip, they make mistakes. If you have good advice to offer, he’ll tell you to keep it.
Sagittarius like to rely on their own wit whenever possible. His up-and-at-’em manner about most things is likely to drive you up the wall occasionally. Your cautious, deliberate manner is likely to make him impatient. And he can be resentful if you don’t accompany him on his travel or sports ventures. He can’t abide a slowpoke. At times, you’ll find him too breezy and kiddish. However, don’t mistake his youthful demeanor for premature senility. Sagittarius are equipped with first-class brain power and know well how to put it to use. They’re often full of good ideas and drive. Generally they’re very broad-minded people and are very much concerned with fair play and equality.
In romance, he’s quite capable of loving you wholeheartedly while treating you like a good pal. His hail-fellow well-met manner in the arena of love is likely to scare a dainty damsel off. However, a woman who knows that his heart is in the right place won’t mind his bluff, rambunctious style.
He’s not much of a homebody. He’s got ants in his pants and enjoys being on the move. Humdrum routine, especially at home, bores him to distraction. At the drop of a hat he may ask you to whip off your apron and dine out for a change instead. He’s fond of coming up with instant surprises. He’ll love to keep you guessing. His friendly, candid nature gains him many friends.
When it comes to children, you may find that you’ve been left holding the bag. Sagittarius feel helpless around little shavers. When children become older, he will develop a genuine interest in them.