Taurus Woman Libra Man

Taurus may find Libra men too wrapped up in a dream world ever to come down to earth. Although he may be very careful about weighing both sides of an argument, that does not mean he will ever make a decision about anything. Decisions large and small are capable of giving Libra the willies. Don’t ask him why. He probably doesn’t know, himself. As a lover, you—who are interested in permanence and constancy in a relationship—may find him a puzzlement. One moment he comes on hard and strong with “I love you’,’ the next moment he’s left you like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. It does no good to wonder “What did I do now?” You most likely haven’t done anything. It’s just one of Libra’s ways.
On the other hand, you’ll appreciate his admiration of harmony and beauty. If you’re all decked out in your fanciest gown or have a tastefully arranged bouquet on the dining room table, you’ll get a ready compliment—one that’s really deserved. Libras don’t pass out compliments to all and sundry. Generally, he’s tactful enough to remain silent if he finds something disagreeable.
He may not be as ambitious as you would like your lover or husband to be. Where you do have drive and a great interest in getting ahead, Libra is often content to drift along. It is not that he is lazy or shiftless, it’s just that he places greater value on aesthetic things than he does on the material. If he’s in love with you, however, he’ll do anything in his power to make you happy.
You may have to give him a good nudge now and again to get him to see the light. But he’ll be happy wrapped up in his artistic dreams when you’re not around to remind him that the rent is almost due.
If you love your Libra don’t be too harsh or impatient with him. Try to understand him. Don’t let him see the stubborn side of your nature too often, or you’ll scare him away. Libras are peace-loving people and hate any kind of confrontation that may lead to an argument. Some of them will do almost anything to keep the peace— even tell little white lies, if necessary.
Although you possess gobs of patience, you may find yourself losing a little of it when trying to come to grips with your Libra. He may think you’re too materialistic or mercenary, but he’ll have the good grace not to tell you, for fear you’ll perhaps chew his head off.
If you are deeply involved with a Libra, you’d better see to it that you help him manage his money. It’s for his own good. Money will never interest him as much as it should, and he does have a tendency to be too generous when he shouldn’t be. Although Libra is a gentle and understanding father, he’ll see to it that he never spoils his children.