Taurus Woman Leo Man

To know a man born under the sign of the Lion is not necessarily to love him—even though the temptation may be great. When he fixes most girls with his leonine double-whammy, it causes their hearts to throb and their minds to cloud over. But with you, the sensible Bull, it takes more than a regal strut and a roar to win you. There’s no denying that Leo has a way with women, even practical Taurus women. Once he’s swept you off your feet it may be hard to scramble upright again. Still, you’re no pushover for romantic charm if you feel there may be no security behind it. He’ll wine you and dine you in the fanciest places and shower you with diamonds if he can. Still, it would be wise to find out just how long the shower’s going to last before consenting to be his wife.
Lions in love are hard to ignore, let alone brush off. Your “no” will have a way of nudging him on until he feels he has you completely under his spell. Once mesmerized by this romantic powerhouse, you will most likely find yourself doing things you never dreamed of. Leos can be like vain pussycats when involved in romance; they like to be cuddled and pampered and told how wonderful they are. This may not be your cup of tea, exactly. Still when you’re romancing a Leo, you’ll find yourself doing all kinds of things to make him purr. Although he may be sweet and gentle when trying to win you, he’ll roar if he feels he’s not getting the tender love and care he feels is his due. If you keep him well supplied with affection, you can be sure his eyes will never stray and his heart will never wander.
Leo men often turn out to be leaders. They’re born to lord it over others in one way or another. If he is top banana in his firm, he’ll most likely do everything he can to stay on top. And if he’s not number one yet, then he’s working on it, and will see to it that he’s sitting on the throne before long.
You’ll have more security than you can use if he’s in a position to support you in the manner to which he feels you should be accustomed. He’s apt to be too lavish, though. Although creditors may never darken your door, handle as much of the household bookkeeping as you can to put your mind at ease.
He’s a natural-born friend-maker and entertainer. At a party, he will try to attract attention. Let him. If you allow him his occasional ego trips without quibbling, your married life will be one of warmth, wealth, and contentment.
When a little Lion or Lioness comes along, this Baby Leo will be brought up like one of the landed gentry if Papa Leo has anything to say about it.