Taurus Woman Gemini Man

Gemini men, in spite of their charm and dash, may make even placid Taurus nervous. Some Twins do seem to lack the common sense you set so much store in. Their tendencies to start a half-dozen projects, then toss them up in the air out of boredom, may only exasperate you. You may be inclined to interpret their jumping around from here to there as childish if not downright psychotic. Gemini will never stay put. If you should take it into your head to try and make him sit still, he will resent it strongly.
On the other hand, he’s likely to think you’re a slowpoke and far too interested in security and material things. He’s attracted to things that sparkle and bubble—not necessarily for a long time. You are likely to seem quite dull and uninteresting—with your practical head and feet firm on the ground—to the Gemini gadabout. If you’re looking for a life of security and steadiness, then Mr. Right he ain’t.
Chances are you’ll be taken in by his charming ways and facile wit. Few women can resist Gemini charm. But after you’ve seen through his live-for-today, gossamer facade, you’ll be most happy to turn your attention to someone more stable, even if he is not as interesting. You want a man who’s there when you need him, someone on whom you can fully rely. Keeping track of Gemini’s movements will make your head spin. Still, being a Taurus, you’re a patient woman who can put up with almost anything if you think it will be worth the effort.
A successful and serious-minded Gemini could make you a very happy woman, perhaps, if you gave him half the chance. Although Gemini may impress you as being scatterbrained, he generally has a good head on his shoulders and can make efficient use of it when he wants. Some of them, who have learned the art of being steadfast, have risen to great professional heights.
Once you convince yourself that not all people born under the sign of the Twins are witless grasshoppers, you won’t mind dating a few to support your newborn conviction. If you do walk down the aisle with one, accept the fact that married life with him will mean taking the bitter with the sweet.
Life with a Gemini man can be more fun than a barrel of clowns. You’ll never experience a dull moment. You’d better see to it, though, that you get his paycheck every payday. If you leave the budgeting and bookkeeping to him you’ll wind up behind the eight ball.
The Gemini father is apt to let children walk all over him, so you’d better take charge of them most of the time.