Taurus Woman Aries Man

If you are attracted to a man born under the sign of the Ram, it is not certain as to how far the relationship would go. An Aries who has made his mark in the world and is somewhat steadfast in his outlook and attitudes could be quite a catch for you. On the other hand, Aries are swift-footed and quick-minded; their industrious manner may often fail to impress you, particularly when you become aware that their get-up-and-go sometimes leads nowhere. When it comes to a fine romance, you want a nice broad shoulder to lean on; you might find a relationship with someone who doesn’t like to stay put for too long a time somewhat upsetting. Then, too, the Aries man is likely to misunderstand your interest in a slow-but-sure approach to most matters. He may see you as a stick-in-the-mud. What’s more, hell tell you so if you make him aware of it too often. Aries speak their minds, sometimes at the drop of a hat.
You may find a man born under this sign too demanding. He may give you the feeling that he wants you to be at all places at the same time. Even though he realizes that this is impossible, he may grumble at you for not at least having tried. You have a barrelful of patience at your disposal, and he may try every bit of it. Whereas you’re a thorough person, he may overshoot something essential to a project or a relationship due to his eagerness to quickly achieve his end.
Being married to a Ram does not mean that you’ll necessarily have a secure and safe life as far as finances are concerned. Aries are not rash with cash, but they lack the sound head that you have for putting something away for that inevitable rainy day. He’ll do his best to see that you’re well provided for though his efforts may leave something to be desired.
Although there will be a family squabble occasionally, you, with your steady nature and love of permanence, will learn to take it in your stride and make your marriage a success.
He’ll love the children. Aries make wonderful fathers. Kids take to them like ducks to water, probably because of their quick minds and zestful behavior. Sometimes Aries fathers spoil their children, and here is where you’ll have to step in. But don’t be too strict with youngsters, or you’ll drive most of their affection over to their father. When they reach the adolescent stage and become increasingly difficult to manage, it would perhaps be better for you to take a backseat and rely on your Aries husband’s sympathy and understanding of this stage of life.