Taurus Social Relationships

Taurus generally does what he can to be popular among his friends. He is loyal and caring with people who are close to him.
Because he is sincere and forthright, people generally seek him out as a friend. He makes a good talker as well as a listener. People in difficulties often turn to him for advice.
The Taurus person is genuinely interested in success, and there is nothing he admires more than someone who has achieved his goal. In making friends, it seems as though a person born under this sign gravitates toward people who have made a success of themselves or people on their way up. Influential people are admired by Taurus. Being surrounded by people who have met with some success in life makes the person born under this sign feel somewhat successful too.
The Taurus person is one who generally likes to keep his family matters to himself. He resents the meddling of friends—even close friends.
He is a person who sticks to his principles, and as a result he may make an enemy or two as he goes along.