Taurus Occupation

The Taurus man or woman can do a good job—no matter what the work is. They have the ability to be thorough and accurate. They never shirk their duties. They may be looked upon as being slow, especially when they begin a task; but after they are thoroughly familiar with what they are doing, they work at an even and reasonable pace. They are methodical, which counts a good deal. They are good at detail. They seldom overlook anything.
Not all Taurus are slow. Some are quick and brilliant. In many cases, it depends on the circumstances they have to deal with. In any event, they never forget anything once they have learned it. They can be quite shrewd in business matters and are often highly valued in their place of business.
The average Taurus has plenty of get-up-and-go. He is never lazy or neglectful in his work. He enjoys working and does what he can to bring about favorable results.
In business, he will generally shy away from anything that involves what seems to be an unnecessary risk. He likes the path he trods to be a sure one, one that has been well laid out. When he has to make his own way, he sees to it that he is certain of every step of the route. This may often exasperate colleagues. His plodding ways generally pay off in the end, however. In spite of this, and because of his distrust of change, he often misses out on a good business deal. His work may become humdrum and dull due to his dislike of change in routine or schedule.
The Taurus man or woman does well in a position of authority. He is a good manager and knows how to keep everything in order. Discipline is no problem. He knows what scheme to follow and sticks to it. Because his own powers of self-control are so well developed, he has no problem in managing others. Taurus is not frightened by opposition. He knows how to forge ahead with his plans and will not stop until everything comes out according to plan.
Taurus is a stickler for detail. Every little point has to be thoroughly covered before he is satisfied. Because he is a patient person, he knows how to bide his time; he is the kind of person who will wait for the right opportunity to come along, if need be. This sort of person excels in a position where he can take his time in doing things. Any job that requires thoroughness and painstaking effort is one in which a Taurus is likely to do well. They make good managers and can handle certain technical and industrial jobs. Some Taurus are gifted with the ability to draw or design and do well in the world of architecture. Many of them are quite artistic, and it depends on the proper circumstances to bring this out. In most cases, however, Taurus is content with doing work that is sure and calculated. His creative ability may not have the proper chance to surface, and it is only through cultivation that he is able to make a broad use of it.
Although many people born under this sign work in the city, they prefer the peace and quiet of remote places to the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolis. Many of them do well in the area of agriculture. They have a way with growing things. A Taurus man or woman could easily become a successful dairy or poultry farmer. They find it easy to relate to things rural or rustic. Many of them are gifted with green thumbs.
When working with others, Taurus can be relied upon. His partner if possible should be similar in nature. The Bull may become annoyed if he works with someone who is always changing his mind or schedule. He doesn’t care much for surprises or sudden changes. New ideas may not appeal to him at first; he has to have time to get used to them. Generally, he likes to think of something new as being a creation of his own. And by taking his time in approaching it, he comes to see it in that light. Taurus should be gently coaxed when working with others. He will give his consent to new ideas if his colleagues are subtle enough in their presentation.
Although the Taurus man or woman may not hold an important position in the place where he works, this does not disturb him. He doesn’t mind working under others—especially if they are good and able leaders or managers. Taurus is a loyal worker. He can always be depended on to complete his tasks.
The Taurus man or woman understands the value of money and appreciates the things it can do. He may not be a millionaire, but he does know how to earn and save well enough so that he can acquire those material items he feels are important. Some people born under this sign can easily acquire a greedy streak if they don’t watch out. So obsessed with material gain are some Taurus that they do not take time to relax and enjoy other things that life has to offer. Money-oriented, the ambitious Taurus sometimes turns into someone who is all work and no play. It is not surprising, then, that a great many bankers and financiers are born under this sign of the Zodiac.
The Taurus person is generally straightforward and well-meaning. If someone is in need, he will not hesitate to assist them financially. Taurus as children are sometimes stingy, but as they grow up and have enough money, they become reasonably free in their use of it. Still and all, the average Taurus will never invest all the money he has in anything. He always likes to keep a good portion of it aside for that inevitable rainy day. Although he may not be interested in taking many risks, the person born under this sign is often lucky. When he does take a chance and gambles, he quite often turns out the winner.
When a Taurus puts his best foot forward, he can achieve almost anything—even though it may take a little longer than it does with most. He has many hidden strengths and positive characteristics that help him to get ahead.