Taurus Man Leo Woman

The Leo woman could make most men roar like lions. If any woman in the Zodiac has that indefinable a thing that may make men eliminate their heads and uncover their hearts, it’s the Leo woman. She’s received a lot more than her share of charm and glamour, and she understands ways to put them to excellent use. Jealous men either reduce their sanity or at the least their neat when attempting to woo a woman born under the sign in the Lion.
She likes to kick up her heels pretty usually and isn’t going to care who understands it. She normally can make heads flip and tongues wag. You don’t always need to feel any of everything you hear-it’s almost certainly just jealous gossip or wishful thinking.
This vamp tends to make the blood rush for your head, and you momentarily neglect all the things that you simply thought have been important and necessary with your life. Once you come back down to earth and are from her bewitching presence, you may conclude that despite the fact that this vivacious creature can make you’re feeling pretty fantastic, she just isn’t the kind of lady you’d planned to carry home to mom. While Leo will surely do her ideal to get a very good wife for you, she may not dwell up to your thought of what your wife must be like.
In case you are preparing on not going as far as the altar with that Leo woman that has you flipping your lid, you’d superior be financially outfitted for some really costly dating. Be ready to shower her with costly presents, consider her dining and dancing within the smartest nights pots in town. Promise her the moon, if you are in a place to go that far. Luxury and glamour are two issues which might be bound to decrease a Leo’s resistance. She’s got high-priced tastes, and you’d better cater to them in the event you expect to get to very first base with this gal.
If you have a significant enterprise deal to clinch and also you have doubts as to no matter if it’s going to go over nicely or not, bring your Leo spouse along to that enterprise luncheon. It is going to be a cinch that you will have that contract-lock, stock, and barrel-in your pocket before the meeting is over. She will not have to say or do anything-just be there at your side. The grouchiest oil magnate could be transformed into a gushing, obedient schoolboy if there is a charm-studded Leo woman inside the area.
Easygoing and pleasant, the Leo mom loves to pal close to with all the youngsters and proudly show them off. She can be so proud of her young children that she often is blind to their faults. But when she wants the kids to find out and also to get their rightful location in society, the Leo mom is usually a rigid but patient teacher.