Taurus Love and Marriage

In love matters, Taurus may go through a series of flings—many of them lighthearted—before settling down with the “right” person. By nature, Taurus is serious. In love matters, his feelings run deep; but he will take steps to guard himself against disappointment if he feels the affair won’t be lasting. Taurus can be romantic. As with everything, once he has made up his mind about someone, nothing will stand in his way; hell win the object of his affection if it’s the last thing he does. Other suitors don’t frighten him in the least.
Younger Taurus have nothing against light romances, but as they grow older they look for stability and deep affection in a love affair. Faithful in love as they are in most things, they look for partners who are apt to feel the way they do.
The Taurus in love does not generally attempt a coy approach. More likely than not he’ll be direct in expressing his feelings. Once he has won the person he loves, the average Taurus is often possessive as well as protective.
Persons born under this sign generally do well in a marriage relationship. Matters at home go well as long as he is treated fairly by his mate. If conditions at home are not to his liking, he can be biting and mean.
There is no halfway in marriage as far as Taurus is concerned; it’s a matter of two people giving themselves completely. As husbands and wives, they make ideal mates in many respects. They are usually quite considerate and generous. They like looking after the other members of their families. They are very family-oriented types, and nothing pleases them more than to be able to spend time at home with their loved ones.