Taurus Home and Family

The Taurus person is a lover of home life. He likes to be surrounded by familiar and comfortable things. He is the kind of person who calls his home his castle. Generally, the home of a Taurus radiates comfort and hospitality. The Taurus woman knows how to decorate and arrange a house so that visitors feel immediately at home upon entering. The Taurus man is more often than not a good breadwinner. He sees to it that the members of his immediate family have everything they need.
The Taurus person usually likes the peace, quiet, and beauty of the country. If possible, he will see to it that he lives there—for part of the year if not for the whole year. The Taurus housewife has her work down to an efficient routine. She is interested in keeping everything neat and orderly. She is a very good hostess and knows how to make people feel at ease.
Being well-liked is important. Taurus likes to be surrounded by good friends. He admires important people and likes to include them in his social activities if possible. When entertaining, the Taurus woman usually outdoes herself in preparing all sorts of delicious items. She is skilled in the culinary arts. If ever she is poorly entertained or fed by others, she feels upset about it.
The Taurus man or woman usually has a tastefully furnished home. But what is more important to Taurus than beauty is comfort. His house must be a place where he can feel at home.
Taurus can be strict with their children and stand for no nonsense. They are interested in seeing that their children are brought up correctly. It is important for them that the youngsters reflect the good home they come from. Compliments from others about the behavior of their children make Taurus parents happy and proud. As the children grow older, however, and reach the teenage stage, some difficulties may occur in the beginning. The Taurus mother or father may resent the sudden change in the relationship as the child tries to assert his own individuality.