Taurus Health

People born under this second sign of the Zodiac generally are quite fit physically. They are often gifted with healthy constitutions and can endure more than others in some circumstances. Taurus is often vigorous and strong. At times his strength may astonish others. He can put up with more pressure than most. Pain or the threat of it generally does not frighten him.
He can be proud of his good health. Even when ill, he would rather not give in to it or admit it. But when a disability becomes such that it cannot be ignored, Taurus becomes sad and depressed. For him it is a kind of insult to be ill. When he is laid up with an illness, it generally takes awhile to recover. Although his constitution is strong, when struck down by a disease, his powers for recuperation are not very great. Getting better is a slow and gradual process for the average Taurus.
Males born under this sign are often broad and stocky. They may be wide-shouldered and powerfully built. They are seldom short on muscle. As they age, they sometimes become fat.
Females born under the sign of Taurus are often attractive and charming. They are fond of pretty things and like to see to it that they look fashionable. Although they are often beautiful when young, as they grow older some of them tend to put on a little extra weight. They often have unusually attractive eyes, and their complexions are clear and healthy.
The weakest part of the Taurus body is the throat. If ever he is sick, this part of his body is often affected. Sore throats and the like are often common Taurus complaints.